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  1. So, I've featured one team of mine on this forum so far, as seen by my constant posts in the Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard threads. But I have another team that has actually done well up to this point, and I'm going to begin featuring that team on my signature. I did this draft a couple days before the season began, and it's gone well. The construction of my team is on my signature now. I got lucky on my waiver wire pickups, and I drafted pretty well. I was able to land Oladipo and Drummond pretty early on in the year, and those 2 trades have turned out pretty well for me. My draft picks have been great for me as well. Hopefully the rest of the year goes well, but I'm going to dedicate most of my posts to this team now.
  2. I'm prepared for the "cool story bro" responses, but I jumped 3 spots last night in my roto league, and from 3rd to 1st place. John Wall has carried my team in assists, and Donovan Mitchell and Josh Richardson even chipped in with 7 of their own. When I traded Curry, I thought I would lose in assists, but Jimmy Butler has gotten 5-6 assists a game, and my assists have actually increased. My team has surprised me, in a good way. My FT% has climbed 4 points this week as well. All I need now is to make more 3's, and I'll have the perfect team. This is why you don't quit in fantasy; your fortunes can change any given day!
  3. I took a flier on him for tomorrow's game in case James Johnson isn't available. He's a stat stuffing guard who can get assists, though he only had 1 last game.
  4. 1st half was brutal to watch, hopefully he turns things on in the 2nd half.
  5. My team is finally healthy. Kawhi and THJ are back, Wall is back to his top 15 ways, PG13 is shooting at a much higher clip now, and Jimmy Buckets is ballin. It feels good. I hope all the injury riddled teams out there will get healthy soon. It's a long season, still time to turn things around. Have faith y'all.
  6. He plays so smooth, it's beautiful to watch. Minnesota is on fire right now. I remember when the 3 stooges on TNT were bashing them on national TV. It looks like Thibs knows what he's doing.
  7. I think he'll begin to play better again now that the jail stint is over with. He was pretty brutal during that time.
  8. In fairness, he did miss a fair amount of games, and his erratic scoring totals and low FG% doesn't help his cause either. I wouldn't have cut him, but some impatient owners may have. It's not as outrageous as you think though, considering he is an anchor in a key area (FG%).
  9. This injury may be minor, but the fact that he injured his ankle for something as minor as slipping is a cause for concern.
  10. That's why I traded him..He's had at least 4 surgeries on that same ankle during his career. Not good.