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  1. Do you have a wait list? Interested in joining.
  2. If there's still a team available I'm in, familiar with proboards/fantrax combo, currently in a 31 league salary cap league as well
  3. Agreed, great league, rules look intricate but are extremely easy once you start using the forum. GMs who want to be apart of a fun, active, competitive league sign up asap
  4. Flames if they are available ! mikeklein1987@gmail.com
  5. Extremely interested. Experienced fantasy gm looking for an active league. mikeklein1987@gmail.com
  6. Any openings? Interested. Interested in the rebels, or the Pete's mainly. Mikeklein1987@gmail.com
  7. Interested for sure. Did you post this on Reddit as well. If so I've already responded .
  8. Interested in taking this team. Active player... mikeklein1987@hotmail.com