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  1. Absolutely don't trade Julio for Davis..
  2. 12 man standard Traded Mixon, AP, and Watkins for Zeke (lol I know)
  3. That would be an awful trade for you. Both of the guys you're giving up are better than guys you're getting in return. Assuming Bell comes back soon Conner won't be too relevant in a few weeks.
  4. 10 man league, drafted Wentz and Bell and made a whole bunch of trades for the other guys (I'm 11-2 right now)
  5. QB- Wentz RB- Bell, Howard WR- Brown, J. Jones TE- J. Graham Flex - Cooper/Gordon Who to start? Cooper in against KC
  6. 10 man NPPR. I'm in first (8-2) QB- Wentz RB- Bell, Ajayi, D. Murray WR- Green, J. Jones TE- J. Graham Bench- Big Ben, Powell, Abdullah, A. Cooper, Juju, H. Henry Offered AB for Green and Juju Smith. Thinking I should probably take it even with Juju on a hot streak. Thoughts?
  7. 10 Man NPPR league QB- Wentz RB- Demarco Murray (Usually Bell, but bye) RB- Ajayi WR- AJ Green WR- Julio TE- Graham D- Texans Flex- A. Cooper K- Elliott Bench- Bell, Powell, Juju smith, H. Henry, Abdullah, Bridgewater (just added), J. Gordon (just added) Tied for 1st right now at 6-2. Looking to trade green and juju for AB. Trying to open some room for a QB/K to pick up for next week (Eagles bye) if Bridgewater doesn't start. Any other tips?
  8. Honestly both are pretty mediocre, maybe more upside by keeping Murray.
  9. also garropolo isn't great especially since he probably won't play for a while