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  1. HELP!!!! 1/2 ppr. Flex 1 james white DJ Moore Shady McCoy
  2. i like it, Youre getting the best player. Brees is a stud
  3. i like all your dudes. I would try to make a trade to get your TE.
  4. Keep Cohen in there. he will bounce back this week. They did not need him at all against buffalo last week. Plug him right back in.
  5. It depends on your team needs. I am 6-3 and i am keeping him. Hopefully he gets healthy for the playoffs. help
  6. Was offered David Johnson and George Kittle for White and Trey Burton. With Sony back and Burkhead practicing, I am very much considering it. I know David Johnson has a great playoff schedule as well. Today is the trade deadline, looking for some advise. half ppr
  7. I would make that deal 100%
  8. Definitely not. Looks like you’re just fine at rb.
  9. 1/2 ppr. McCoy for Richard straight up? Or is it worth waiting on a miracle? Was really hoping he got traded.
  10. In a heartbeat make that deal. Conner is a question mark. Gordon is the 2nd best back in fantasy. Congrats on winning your league this year.
  11. Yep. Make the deal. You’ve got the depth to wait on cook and it’ll be worth it.
  12. This is great for me. The eagles have a history of taking workhorse backs and tossing them in a crappy committee