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  1. Conley's unknown schedule makes this a tough pick up when every game counts. Solid line tonight though.
  2. Yeah too late. Player might not go on waiver if dropped on the same day but it's counted by adds.
  3. Had a feeling he was going to be a shut down candidate. Shouldve traded his a$$ damn...
  4. Not sure how many players in your league but at the center spot, 10/7/1.3 is quiet solid, and that’s what JA is all about, nothing fancy.
  5. where were you when he was nothing for 2 months tho?
  6. While the Bucks offense breakdown is appreciated, I don't know about the above statement. At least we get 8 solid games out of him before knowing it's time to move on. 20 minutes? lol
  7. Ummmm he got only 18 mins the last game? Chill dude.
  8. 8 pts 2 threes in 14 mins, I think it’s clear. More mins, keep. Low mins, adios.