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  1. You know your stuff. My percentage, in my opinion, isn't shabby either. Good luck to you this season in roto.
  2. Can't put Nance at the C spot, too small. It's the PF that's eating into Nance's minutes.
  3. The purpose of versatility, and overall goal of h2h, is to win categories. Mitch Rob does that.
  4. That’s exactly where his value is. One player who can win you a single category is insane. Not to mention other supplements like high FG and low TO. 3-4 rounder is about right.
  5. Guy ended last season looking like a young man and supposedly he is looking for his offense this year (can google it). Pick him up if available around round 11-12. H2H that is.
  6. Pshhh yeah ask Yahoo. There are guys with ****tier records in my league who are in Platinum? Weird calculation. Here are two examples- two Platinum players records (% all worse than mine), yet higher rating. Rating: 891 Best Season Finish: Platinum (2x) Record: 125-71-4 Winning %: .635 Rating: 839 Best Season Finish: Platinum (5x) Record: 227-188-9 Winning %: .546
  7. I never asked you to explain punting, so pat yourself on the back for offering info that some might find relevant while some might yawn at? You talk about showing records? Sure. Since you asked and haven't shown yours, here is what I have and feel free to pm me if you want the actual account, no need to show off. Yahoo Fantasy NBA Profile Play since '00 Rating: 751 Best Season Finish: Gold (2x) Record: 266-126-10 Winning %: .674 Playoffs are iffy since many stars sit the final 3 weeks and it's a dice toss. But hey, since you're roto focused, I don't really feel like explaining is necessary. You got a record?
  8. Based on that, punting ANY 3 categories makes sense. Why punt 3s? You havent explained it at all. Play H2H once then come back and post, thanks.
  9. This post doesnt say for roto only, read my signature, H2H.
  10. Punt 3s possible. But SF should bomb threes too if you dont punt 3s. You need 3s from the 1-3 position, every position has its responsibilities in order to win the league.
  11. FG junkie every year. Feels like he is easily replaceable.
  12. Drafting guards that do not shoot 3s is a recipe for disaster.
  13. You have to remember, those were the days without teams averaging 110pts per game. Shane's 1.4 would be considered higher today if vs. the stats back in the days.