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  1. Ahahaha yeah i assumed it was a mistake XD I honestly don't know mate but I feel like its more exciting to take a chance on him since he's unknown hahah. Also may take WCS a bit of time to get back into the groove of things.
  2. I would not go near Batum at the moment as his ROS outlook is very uncertain given hoe much this persistent injury is bothering him. Surprised dinwiddie is available you should grab him despite his fluctuating percentages hes a solid add and should help you out. Agree ddrop WCS. Also you mentioned Trevor booker and Booker are available on WW? you dont mean devin booker as the second one do you... lol
  3. Also worried about Kanter's usage going forward in the second half of the season and in general
  4. Hey guys, was offered to trade my Kanter for his Fournier. My other bigs are Drummond, capela and M Turner so i should be fine for rebs and stocks despite taking a hit in %'s. Just wondering about Frounier's ROS value and whether he is going to continue to drop off massively or not? Would you guys take this trade?
  5. What's the word on Fournier? I know the ankle injury wasnt serious and he expects to be back soon - but what do you all think of his production ROS? obviously not as hot in his shooting but steals and other stats wise? Was offered Fournier for my Kanter today so trying to suss it out havent been following this dude closely
  6. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    Isn't the gain/thought process behind that pretty straightforward ? Why risk consistently aggravating/worsening the injury when he himself has come out and said that any bump to it results in pain that directly impacts and limits his basketball ability. So may as well try and either rehab him like you said or go for surgery which was recommended (but instead he went through non surgery rehab at the beginning of the season) before his rehab and then have him good and ready for summer camps/workouts and the start of next season in top form. That being said idk how serious it is, he has said its pretty bad and limiting so that would suggest that something needs to be done about it Anyway at the end of the day we can speculate all we want to lol its up to the team and Batum so lets see how it plays out. I hope i didn't just throw away a top 50 player into a deal for nothing XD
  7. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    Well I bit the gun and traded him + Tobias away for Myles Turner. Needed the blocks - but hope that Batum pulls it together and doesn’t have to sit out for long/get injured again!
  8. Traded Tobias Harris and Batum for Myles Turner because of the constant elbow concerns with Batum... feel as though he wont be productive/may even get surgery and put himself out for ROS... Do you think this was a smart move? and who in your opinions is a good pickup from FA names for a good source of assists %'s or threes?
  9. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    So whats the move here... hang with him ROS and hope production isnt affected too much? Or try and shop him for his name rather than current value if possible... he's a very valuable player when he can play properly which is why i dont want to do the latter given his trade value is low haha
  10. Interesting trade. Agree with the above it isn’t exactly lopsided - up to you and how you feel about the value given vs risk of lavine. Harris and kanter are solid a** options though PULL TRIG!
  11. Kawhi Leonard - F - Spurs Kawhi Leonard (quad) was spotted getting up some shots at shootaround on Wednesday. To be clear, Leonard will not be taking the court for Wednesday's game against the Heat, but he's inching closer and closer towards a return, and there's a chance he'll be able to make his season debut Friday vs. the Celtics. Rudy Gay should be looking at another start tonight with Kyle Anderson (knee) also on the sidelines, while LaMarcus Aldridge will continue to do the heavy lifting on offense. Related: LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay Source: Tom Orsborn on Twitter Dec 6 - 11:39 AM Still good news !
  12. Devin Booker 2017-2018

    I cant take anymore emotional stress from the NBA. Idk if anyone has been as unlucky as me with injuries, so far - Kawhi, Hayward, Aminu, Tegaue, Wall, Booker, and Batum.... what the f--- is going on this season
  13. Because people tend to go against their better judgement too - they dont always follow the advice of others haha.
  14. Oladipo trade

    agreed, had lowry two years in a row and and couldnt handle his slumps and inconsistencies. I also looooove dipo the dude does everything you nee him to do. Teague is also gonna see heavy minuted throughout and should be a nice source of assists and steals going forward.
  15. Agreed, worth it for Derozan. Don't think Jackson will bring too much to the table moving forward