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  1. Man he was awesome today... Thank you big fella, you’ve made next week’s two games a little easier to accept.
  2. Locked him into my weekly roto league as a 4-game streamer. I’m #1 at the moment, fighting for positioning with #2 on rebounds and steals. This dude should help me with the latter. Let’s gooooo.
  3. Yeah I have some difficult decisions to make. Embiid, PG, Klay, Collins, Conley all out or DTD. Since we’ve received no updates from PG I’ve had to move him to IL (3 games), and moved Embiid to start (4 games, even if he misses a couple this week he’s at least practiced). So tough to make these calls in a weekly roto league.
  4. Yeah I’m rolling the dice in my weekly roto league. Last update on his health was before the Grizzlies game:
  5. Both formats have their pros and cons imho. Depends on what you enjoy. H2H gives you greater flexibility and it’s more accessible as an introduction to fantasy. Less rate of attrition too. Roto has a lot more nuance. If you win in a competitive league, you probably deserve it. You need competitors who’ll stay through to the end if you play this though — bottom teams won’t enjoy the ride by the ASB. I’ve won multiple money league H2H championships every year, but find it harder to navigate roto. #1 in my current league, and #2 twice in a row since I jumped to the roto format in 2017, but it requires much more strategy and intellectual investment 😂 H2H was ‘home turf’ for a decade, but roto has been hugely rewarding with really great fellow managers. I’ve stuck around.
  6. I empathise bro. I’m in a super competitive roto league and need all the stats I can get. Been hammered by injuries (20 games played behind the #2 team, I’m #1 right now because of the pickups and trades I’ve made). PG out, Embiid out, Klay questionable. Rebounds 3s and steals are a dogfight between four top teams — not having these guys will/have hurt.
  7. Hey guys, need some urgent advice. Our trade deadline is today. I’m #1 at the moment by a very close margin. Roto league. REB category seems like the biggest battleground with #1-3 fighting for the top spot via that category. Do you think it’s worth swapping Kemba <> Nurkic? I have enough 3s to stay afloat. Just wondering if it’s a fair enough swap, esp considering the circumstances. Thanks!!!