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  1. He was saying it as a good thing, ie "Look at how much he's capable of in a single half, even one bad half can't keep him down."
  2. It was really a terrible try, too. He didn't get high enough, jumped wayyy to early and just plunged into the guy. Actually kinda reminded me of when AB jump kicked that guy.
  3. Led the team in targets. Only got to see a few minutes of this game, so not sure why they weren't connecting. Like you said I thought this was gonna be a nice game for Brown
  4. half ppr need 14.2+ from Duke. TD probably makes or breaks it.
  5. Ok. I get it. It's preseason. Everyone looks great....but he looked great last night. Fast, agile, athletic, and big enough to be durable. Given how much Baltimore wants to run this year, both Ingram and someone should have value this year, making Hill a late round guy I'll be targeting.
  6. For what it's worth, YPA is yards gained / pass attempts. Incompletions don't count. eg Eli's career is 55,981 yards / 7,972 attempts = 7.0 YPA (
  7. Mahomes average was up after Hunt's last game in week 10 (weeks 11 and 13 were big games): Mahomes average weeks 1-10 (6 pt pass TD): 32.58 Mahomes average weeks 1-10 (4 pt pass TD): 26.38 Mahomes average weeks 11-16, after Hunt was out (6 pt pass TD): 33.99 Mahomes average weeks 11-16, after Hunt was out (4 pt pass TD): 27.19
  8. This is currently Davis' second year, next year he'll be a 3rd year wr- point still stands, maybe even a stronger point, just sayin
  9. Wish I'd gotten to this guy in time in the two leagues where he was still available after the Hyde trade. The term "league winner" gets thrown around waaaayyy to often, but picking up a top 10 RB for free after week 8 fits the bill pretty clearly (like David Johnson his rookie year, Beckham his rookie year). Could be a league winner and I'm mad I missed out.
  10. I play in a 12-team league with some relatives and their friends / coworkers, they have very weird scoring. 1 pt = 50 yds pass, 25 yds rec, 15 yds rush. 1ppr. No fractional scoring. All TDs 6pt. So yards are extremely devalued, therefore receptions are relatively worth even more than usual ppr, and TDs are relatively worth more. Kicker and defense points also relatively worth more. TLDR Through 8 weeks, my team is on pace to break the league's team scoring record by 15%.
  11. That makes him a buy low then, if you value him
  12. I agree with your point, but you picked a terrible Exhibit B to make your point-- Barkley has massive talent and is being fed the ball. The only thing that could make it better would be a legit pass game, a la the Rams. A better example might be TJ Yeldon, who doesn't have flashy talent but is fine and has had great opportunity, leading to him being RB 11 so far (ppg, 1/2 ppr).
  13. Fitz is a HOFer, everyone agrees, but unless you're Calvin Johnson retiring at age 30, the decline is inevitable. I was hoping he had one more in the tank, but I think he's done, especially given the quality of the rest of the team around him. [Removed AC Content]