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  1. Delanie Walker or Mark Andrews? DK Metcalf or Marvin Jones in Flex? 1pt PPR
  2. Whats the better flex play this week (1 PT PPR)?
  3. I am starting to have doubts having both these question marks on my team. Kerryon I feel like CJ Anderson is going to steal more work than people think. It has nothing to do with his talent, but more the offensive scheme. David Johnson to me is just as much a question mark as no one knows how this offense is going to be even though I know we keep saying it can't get any worse than last year. Would it be worthwhile to try to package these two for say Zeke and another depth piece? Its a PPR league by the way.
  4. I am anxious to see what this Arizona offense actually looks like come tomorrow (although the news of a starting lineman out doesn't help). It will give us DJ owners some sort of indication of usage or if it will be another year of hand offs and running it right up the gut for no yards.
  5. Add me to the mix of owners started to second guess my KJ selection. At the time of the draft, I felt good. Now I am starting to worry if he was worth a pick anywhere near his ADP. We will see how tomorrow goes as he should have a solid game vs Ari. Not feeling confident though season long.
  6. I keep flip flopping between Jones or Ekler for my last flex spot. If it wasn't CHI it wouldn't be a question but that is a stout run defense.
  7. Now that the Zeke mess has been settled, who is my pick here at #2 (PPR)? Originally was going to go with Kamara but thinking Elliot might be the pick now.
  8. Don't think a trade is nearing but agree go with Ekler. Gordon has followed other teams as well so this is getting overblown as usual all over social media. Not saying it can't happen but really makes no sense for Phi to make the trade considering they have a younger, cheaper option in Miles Sanders for the future who is really the same player. That KC backfield is still TBD how that ultimately shakes out to be honest.
  9. It will get done if not already...waiting for that announcement in the prime time.
  10. I too believe he will hold out until week 10 to play just enough to accrue the year of service. This backfield seems like more of a 1A/1B type as I don't see Ekler taking this over fully not to mention the duration of the whole season.
  11. Snagged him as well post draft however this KC backfield is messy and contemplating dropping him for Alexander Mattison.
  12. I think he misses (if at all ) 2-3 games max before they wind up paying him. Totally different situation as some said before than Bell of last year. That involved being franchise tagged as Zeke still has 2 years left on his rookie contract.
  13. Beat writers also had that same hunch last year with Bell and look how that turned out....he is better off waiting until week 10 and return if staying healthy is his concern going into a contract year. Not to mention this guy is always hurt.
  14. I got Barkley at 1 and D Williams at 24. Here's hoping he can stay healthy otherwise agree with the sentiment he will be a PPR stud.