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  1. Thanks for mine. I don’t think Gordon + Jordy lands AB but try it and pray. I think the package for Allen is too rich. Maybe Miller + Powell? Or move Ryan if you can? I dunno, I just don’t like giving up two RB2s for a WR2. Depends on how bad you need the WR though. I’d try hitting him low with Powell and move up to Hyde if you need to.
  2. Trying to make one more deal before the deadline tomorrow. My main target is AB and I offered Nuk + Allen for him (owner is pretty WR needy) Still haven’t heard back on that one yet. Wondering if Green is even worth trading for. His schedule isn’t that great moving forward. I’m not hurting at WR since I have Nuk, Allen and M. Thomas, but thought if I could package those two and get an upgrade it would be worth it Other option is maybe Nuk + Freeman for Bell? Not really hurting at RB either. Have Shady, Freeman and Ingram. I’m pretty stacked everywhere, but always looking to improve for the stretch run. Thoughts?
  3. Julio. Evans has Fitz throwing to him indefinitely. There’s nothing positive to say about that
  4. Settling in for playoffs and beginning to stash specialty players. Already grabbed Ravens D since their week 15 and 16 matchups are gold. Kind of a weird question: Currently have Elliot and holding him through the bye. Is it worth it to try and trade for Zuerlein or not? Never thought I’d try to trade for a liner before, but he just has so many points it’s ridiculous. Thoughts?
  5. HUGE UPDATE! Lowballed the Allen owner with Parker + Rawls and he countered with Parker + ASJ. Accepted that in a heartbeat. Good trade?
  6. I don't see anyone worth rostering. Maybe Kroft for Clay and pick up Foreman? Would be a much needed handcuff to your Miller. Help with mine?
  7. I don’t know if I can. I offered Hopkins + Parker and that flopped (he’s very thin at WR). I would offer Hopkins + Freeman or Ingram, but he’s pretty stacked at RB already
  8. Cutler. Fitz is in an ugly position this wek, especially with Evans suspended
  9. Trade seems fair. Nothing too crazy going on there. Help with mine?
  10. Tyrod with a home game and a new weapon (and maybe Clay back?). Close decision though. Jets did look good last week and had time to rest. Problem is that one may likely turn into a blow-out and time chewer and limit McGown's output Help with mine?
  11. Pretty sure you can get more value for Graham than Anderson. I'd look at the neediest TE team and try and pull a solid WR2 from them. Something like Marvin Jones, Crabtree or Sanu. Something along those line. Sit Fitz this week. Short week against Seattle with a backup QB is a recipe for disaster
  12. That seems fair. Your WR corps seems pretty solid and the upgrade to RB would be nice, Value-wise, I think taking Rudolph would be better than Jarvis. Either one is fine though.
  13. I wouldn't. You're too thin at RB and you'd be giving up a weekly starter for a plug-in player. Unless you plan to start Mariota every week for the rest of the season I wouldn't make the trade personally.