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  1. Need 2 Replacements

    Very hands on manager. Would love to have team 1, The 4th place team.
  2. Retired' A very hands on owner. Play everyday. Would love e to have team.
  3. I will love to take it. A very hand on player. Retired.
  4. I was the first to put in for this team yesterday Is there a reason I have not heard back. I have played 1000's of teams. And play everyday.0
  5. I will take the team' very responsible manager.
  6. I will take Yankees'
  7. That was my point Birdmaninc, his team will continue to win forver. Maybe start a new draft.
  8. I dont know why anyone would join this league when the team stinks and the top team has most the top players and prospects.
  9. Needing 1 replacement owner

    I will take it ' experience manager.
  10. I did not get it.
  11. I will take it.
  12. I will take it' I have played thousand of teams.
  13. I will gladly take it.
  14. 10 or 12 team league any format.