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  1. 2019 Draft

    What are each team's needs and wish list? I'm a Pat's fan. But I'd love to see them draft Lock. He's got great mechanics and a very quick release. Just got to coach him for reading coverage and releasing quick on those reads. Otherwise he will become Jay Cutler.
  2. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I agree. We should all agree and be this....
  3. Brady vs Manning

    After the end of the day I still hold true... Go F Screw!!!! Taste my salty balls you haters! Hahahahahaaaa
  4. Brady vs Manning

    I'm pretty sure that was Gronk!
  5. Brady vs Manning

    You have no idea the drought we went through. I had nothing but hardship, after hardship, and so on. No. This is our time.
  6. Brady vs Manning

    My young son. You will learn your yanks hat is a false sense of hope.
  7. Brady vs Manning

    Yes.. we are truly on the same page finally.
  8. Brady vs Manning

    You my friend are a true patriot. Also portnoy is not a great judge of pizza north of mass. I got a guy that makes better pizza he could imagine. However, I love portnoy.
  9. Tom Brady 2019 Outlook

    Superbowl 53 is a floppy hot mess of a pizza... love it...
  10. Tom Brady 2019 Outlook

    From me too, wouldn't have him as my number one QB in fantasy. Wouldn't have anyone else navigating the Pats to a Superbowl chance. Big difference between fantasy and real life.
  11. Brady vs Manning

    Ok, I will try this. But only for a short while. I am on cloud 9 his week. Life is good being a Pats fan. Haha

    My bold prediction... PATS win afc east, media ridicules the team, pats get into playoffs, they make superbowl.... and it is another coin flip. Actually Pats have reloaded... Which if you actually follow the team you would know.
  13. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    I am Pats fan. For me I would love Kamara. He could be future franchise guy/hall of famer. I'd love to have pats make trade for him. He's like Barry Sanders. Which I believe is all time best and if he had coach like this he would be best RB of all time. We got Kamara... please don't waste his talents like Barry did.
  14. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Not a big fan of Gurley now. Was huge fan out of college... but he put his money in front of winning. Which means he has no future.

    Geesh, I am trying to make sense of this. Isn't it good enough you rape us of our dc with 15 years of service? And he will probably get a few assistants... It happens every year.