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  1. Would you make that trade ? I'm looking for a solid WR2. Will help you in return. Here's my line up: QB : Brady RB : McCaffrey RB : Michel WR :K.Allen WR : Woods WR : Fuller Flex : Lindsay Bench : Prescott Breida M.Brown L.Murray R.Anderson Tate DeSean Jackson
  2. Would you trade Phillip Lindsay vs Stefon Diggs ? Thanks !
  3. I'd do the Mixon one without a doubt. Thanks for mine !
  4. .5PPR Gabriel Allison Royce Freeman Yeldon Which one ? Will help in return !
  5. Very close. As it is a keeper league i would lean towards the guy receiving Watson and Lewis. I don't like Martin and Bryant values. Thanks for mine.
  6. .5PPR Would you ? I think we've seen the best of Yeldon this season but I'd like to know what you guys think of this. Thanks !
  7. I second this post. Try to mix Collins with something. Evans vs Kelce could be a nice trade but I'm not sure about your WR consistency after AB.
  8. Nice trade man ! I'm kinda jaleous. I had Howard and I tried to sell him as best as I could (had to accept Edelman + Aaron Jones). Not going to lie my league is very competitive and never the Allen owner would've done this. You just gave a RB3 with some RB2 weeks for a WR2 who still has WR1 weeks left in the tank IMO.
  9. As you are able to cover the loss of one of these two RBs, i'd pull the trigger, yes. Try to sell Lindsay first, Murray has back to back monster weeks and Cook is possibly out for the next two weeks.
  10. I think Kerryon is starting to breakout, and we don't know exactly when Sony will be back. Don't.
  11. Tate and Doug.