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  1. Third year roto for me. Got 1st and 2nd the last two years and got 2nd again. 1st place was unstoppable with Harden and George (and absolutely zero big injuries). Mid season I was around place 8 of 12 and with 2 to 3 big trades I was able to climb the standings.
  2. Hopefully he plays tonight, he really hates the lakers
  3. 6-21, 8-17, 5-17, 6-17 ... he cost me 3 FG% roto points, last and this week 😩
  4. So which player got picked up and dropped most often in your league? Who was the Player you yourself dropped and added most often? In our league Larry Nance Jr. was the player passed around most often. He was drafted late in the 12th round and afterwards dropped and added 7 times. Currently on my roster. Personally I added Thomas Bryant 3 times (also on my roster currently )
  5. Still that trade was robbery. The Irving for Hield and DLo was fair.
  6. he was talking about PER GAME stats, so game total does not count. If you look at per game stats LeBron is 19 and KD is 8. If you look at total stats for the season LeBron is 50 and KD is 6.
  7. Hey its a 12 team 8-cat roto league (not TOs) Thinking about dropping Osman for Harkless. I could use a better FG%, STL and BLK (pro Harkless) but also want to maintain FT%, 3PM and AST (pro Osman), what do you think?
  8. Conley will sit against the Suns or the Clippers. If he sits against the Clippers, you can drop after the Suns game and pick up someone playing on Sunday.
  9. I think most of these guys will be over picked or picked close to their ceiling (With the exception of Brogdon and Vuc who are always picked to late)
  10. Could you post the important parts? Cant access from Germany..
  11. Beauty of a line. Hopefully he keeps it going 💪