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  1. Who is Bill? If that's your buddy from high school or something then no, I am not drafting him over Paul George.
  2. His ADP on Yahoo is 63 right now, he'll be available in the 6th round in plenty of leagues.
  3. So they're going to play Javale Mcgee over him for spacing? Or are they desperately looking for centers to end up playing AD there against his will anyway? Not that I think he'll play 25 minutes, but I could see close to 20. Which probably puts him in the wait and see category for standard leagues unless you're already punting ft% and want to gamble on him with your last pick.
  4. For 9cat the negative value of his turnovers far outweighed the positive of his assists last year, if he can keep roughly the same amount of shots (Rubio doesn't need to shoot) with less ball handling duties this could actually be a positive for his value. Seems like an obvious top 40 pick for 9cat, probably have to take him top 30 even.
  5. I'm guessing they move AD down to Center in the starting lineup but Javale gets close to 20 minutes again without Boogie. He only needed just over 20 minutes to provide value last year and I don't think it was something he can't reproduce as his per minute stats were pretty consistent with previous seasons. Probably a smaller role with less usage than last year, but I still feel comfortable taking him maybe as early as 8th round even in a bench role.
  6. He was consistently improving each year ending up 35th in 9cat in 2017-2018 but was just straight up horrible last season. There were injuries of course and normally you would expect a return to form the next season but it is pretty alarming that he still played 57 games and was just consistently bad even through the stretches where he was supposedly healthy. A permanent drop in steals or minutes could also greatly reduce his value, but the top 35 potential is clearly there as we've seen him reach it before. At this point I'm not even sure if he should be projected in the top 50 or the top 150, how do you guys feel about him going forward?
  7. Also had a usage of only 15.3 last year which should go up without Kemba or any other high usage players on the roster. Maybe his percentages fall a little but should be balanced out by an increase in scoring.
  8. Didn't see a 19-20 thread for Miles yet but he looks like a pretty interesting pick next year. He had great percentages for a rookie with very low turnovers and around 1 steal and block per game. His stats over the last 13 games of the season were good for top 50 value: 11.7 PTS, 4.6 RBS, 1.5 ASTS, 1.3 STLS, 0.8 BLCKS, 1.4 3s on 51 FG%, 80 FT% with 0.8 TO Borrego just confirmed he will be playing mostly PF, which should help his rebounds. End of season stats aren't exactly accurate due to plenty of opponents either tanking or resting their stars but can he get close to or improve on those stats for a full season? I currently have him 7th or 8th round. Too high, too low or just right?
  9. He said nothing like that. You know we can see his post right?
  10. Picking him 62nd seems high to me, I wouldn't risk it until the 8th or 9th round. The highest he has ever ranked (excluding playoffs) in either per game, per 36 or totals is 159th (total value in 17-18). Last year he ended up 178th in per game value, he has had some great performances but there hasn't been much consistency with plenty of absolutely terrible games still mixed in. I'd be happy to grab him if he falls in the draft but I'm not ready to gamble a top 70 pick based on only a 5 game playoff run performance and the eye-test.
  11. I think the 2-3 turn is pretty early for Trae, he could hit that value if everything goes right but there may not be much potential for profit there (this year). If he can play an entire season like he did the last 2 months of last season, which I think is entirely possible for a guy with his talent in his sophomore season, he would return top 40 value. Which would make him a good pick at the 3-4 turn. An exiting young prospect like him usually doesn't make it out of the 4th round anyway so taking him any later is probably not an option.
  12. He was 18th in total value over the season last year for 9-cat, and that was on 60 games played. I think most people are assuming he will play a few more games this year but still be given plenty of rest during the regular season. So depending on how much more you think he will play it would seem safest to grab him only towards the end of the first round, if in the first at all.
  13. The pick he was drafted with got traded from the Celtics to 76ers, but as far as I know he's staying put in Philly. They did trade up a few spots to get him after all.
  14. Did you just pick a random thread to post this in or is there some kind of relevance to Lakers 2019-20 season I am missing here?
  15. Matisse Thybulle is someone to watch. He probably won't get much run his first season (depending on what the sixers do in free agency) but may be a good dynasty sleeper. This guy averaged 3.5 steals and 2.3 blocks last year, could be a stocks machine down the road.