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  1. im so glad i passed on him in the draft and facing him this week in the championship lol.
  2. CMC to stay under 60 pts yes i'm into championship week
  3. Thank you sir...will not see you next year
  4. im going with dalvin cook this week. can't risk with DJ in palyoffs
  5. except diggs everything else makes sense
  6. what a steal this pick was dude. mahomes and kelce winning it all for me this year. im just steaming rolling opponents which these 2 guys
  7. it was ebron last week,hilton this week and doyle breakout incoming next week.
  8. this weeks game has melvin gordon written all over it. Denver's offensive line is a mess now and bosa coming back. They will be just run run run
  9. reaction is because of downgrade from full to limited
  10. should have accepted hopkins trade for this guy. I denied that offer looking at his playoff schedule F**. I have no other option now other than chubb who is on bye
  11. i saw the video earlier that was brutal injury. Impressed by the way he recovered.
  12. fire up your diggites Stefon Diggs (ribs) is practicing Wednesday. Diggs has had two weeks to rest up with the Vikings' Week 10 bye. He's fully expected to return for Sunday night's game with Chicago.