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  1. Yes there is a difference and you would think 20+ games for load management is extreme and absurd, but it happened. And they won doing that. So was Kawhi really just an outlier, or is this how teams will manage certain superstars with an injury history going forward with that Kawhi blueprint given the success it had? I believe there is a high chance it will become the norm because it was successful and Kawhi admitted how much it did for him. Of course I could be wrong and it may not be the norm. And Embiid might truly only miss 10 games max and no other games due to an actual injury. But where I am willing to take an injury chance because injuries can happen to anyone, I would rather just avoid the annoyance of the load management guys.
  2. Embiid is my second favorite player and even hearing about the weight loss - he still is a load management no-go for me. I drafted Embiid for the past two years in the second round (he won't make it past the first this year) and have won with him. Taking an injury risk is one thing, and I am fine with taking injury risks with guys because it is not guaranteed that anyone will stay healthy. But to know that if I were to pick him in the first, that he will be capped at 65 games max because of load management, I just can't do it. And yes, pretty much all superstars will now sit out a few games here and there because of load management. But it won't be 20 games like with guys like Embiid and Kawhi. And that is the difference.
  3. The 5th round is exactly where I am planning on drafting him if he is there. Being solely in Roto, the stretches of good games/bad games won't be a factor like in H2H. The career high in blocks does not worry me either. The 1.3 was a direct result of stupid Luke Walton benching him every 4th quarter - his per 36 that year was the same as other years. But even if he were to go back down to the 1.7 - 1.8 range, its the threes and blocks combo that makes him so valuable.
  4. I will continue to stay away from this percentage killer. I don't care about the move to Houston. Nothing in this guy screams that he will ever learn not to jack shots over and over that he cannot make with any reliability in his quest to chase stats and adulation over winning.
  5. For me, since I am only playing Roto, Capela is a no-go because of the FT%. And after starting the plan for my draft - as high as I am on Bryant and JJJ (super high on both), I think I would choose Bam over both of them now as well as JV and Favors. Favors FT% knocks him below Bam, JJJ, Bryant,and JV for me. And I think what changed for me is thinking more about the assists factor. If he can get 2.5-3.5 assists a game along with the expectation of a double double, 1 block, 1 steal, and good percentages, that is what pushes him ahead of them for me. Especially considering Horford and Gasol will probably not be worth drafting because of where they would still go, there just isn't a lot of centers getting that assist number after the first two rounds along with a double double and his percentages. I will definitely be paying attention to the assist numbers in preseason to see if around 3 will be for real for him.
  6. The Wizards are pure garbage so it’s possible he is fantasy relevant this year. How he does in preseason will be key.
  7. Patrick McCaw sucks. Timid scorer because he cannot shoot. He is not a good passer. Fantasy-wise he could only be useful for steals if he got 30 minutes. But if the Raptors want to win games, they shouldn't allow McCaw to sniff 30 minutes.
  8. So I am also staying away from him this year as well unless he somehow dropped far enough in my draft (don't think he will) to be worth the headache considering the roster and coach. I would much rather have Turner and/or Brook Lopez. But I have to defend him in the sense that he is only 21 years old and last year was his rookie season. It is fair to say he won't make a leap comparable to the ridiculous amount of hype would suggest. But to say he is incapable of doing basic things like score or make a pass and has a low bball IQ based on per minute statistics of his first 66 games is a stretch. Would you have classified Rudy Gobert early in his career this way? Look at Rudy Gobert's rookie stats. Or even better, look at his year 2 stats when he played more. Gobert per 36 year 1: 8.6 PPG, 6.1 FGA, 0.6 APG, 12.9 RPG, 0.7 SPG, 3.4 BPG Gobert per 36 year 2: 11.4 PPG, 7.1 FGA, 1.8 APG, 12.9 RPG, 1.1 SPG, 3.2 BPG Robinson per 36 year 1: 12.8 PPG, 7.7 FGA, 1.0 APG, 11.2 RPG, 1.4 SPG, 4.3 BPG
  9. Maybe being the unquestioned starter every game and the confidence boost he could get from that will help. It is possible. But with how bad this team is going to be, I don't see an efficient year. I expect a lot of 7/18 and 8/21 games from him. I like Rozier, but he is going to shoot FG%'s into oblivion.
  10. And another added wrinkle to the logjam is Luke Walton and his wannabe Warriors philosophy and idiotic rotations - the same guy that would bench Brook Lopez every single 4th quarter good game or not so Randle could get murdered by Embiid and other real centers. Beyond Fox, I am not touching anyone on this team because of Walton.
  11. Was this regarding my previous post? I said that with absolute certainty? Really? That is an exaggeration. The furthest I went was I doubted an improvement in stocks, based on stocks in college being a good indicator of players' stocks in the pros. 0.4 steals and 0.5 blocks in college. But I didn't guarantee anything tho. So how does doubting something equate to absolute certainty? Not all of us can be high on him....
  12. Fair point. We'll see how Time Lord develops....
  13. Not saying they are going to win it all. But in this NBA, this season, yes, they are again a contender to make it to the Finals out of the East. The NBA has a lot of talented guys, no doubt about it. But there are not that many truly dominant players right now that have proven they can carry a team and hit the big shots in playoff crunch time anyway. Lebron, Kawhi, Curry, Harden (debatable since he has had questionable playoff outings), and KD if healthy. That is it. That is the list. In the East specifically, Embiid is a beast and close, but he hasn't proven it yet so the Sixers don't have one. Giannis is a beast and close, but he cannot hit consistent jump shots let alone clutch jump shots so until he can do that, the Bucks don't have one. The Raptors don't have one anymore. Kyrie cannot carry a team on his own so the Nets don't have one this year. Blake isn't one. Oladipo has not proven to be one. The Celtics have four talented players. This is the league of tandems this year. Its wide open. True they don't have that one truly dominant player in the clutch either, but if nobody has one in the East, that is why the Celtics have a chance. And we will see if Tatum can take the leap this year too.
  14. Tarnished reputation? So overblown. Didn't stop Kemba from going there. Or better yet, didn't stop IT from telling Danny he would love to come back there. It isn't the fan base that makes them a desirable destination. Players know its a business. They are desirable because they have a good coach, good front office, and good young players. Downhill? Don't see a bright future? They are already one of the better teams now with two veteran all-stars and two talented young players. They aren't the Russell Celtics with six hall-of-famers on one team, but they still are a contending team.
  15. Playoffs five straight years. Two ECF appearances in which they lost to Lebron (other teams can relate, right). That is nothing to show for it? Ok. They are still setup to be a contender. Nothing wrong with that. So how can this be deemed a failure if they are still contending? Again, yes, they didn't cash in on AD and Kawhi. But the reasons behind him not pulling the trigger are defensible. Call them middling - but two of them have been all-stars and two of them are talented/coveted young players still developing. The Nets young pieces are nice, but I am not so sure the Nets with injury prone chemistry issue Kyrie and KD coming off of the worst injury in basketball is that much better moving forward than the Celtics. And as big of a fan of LeVert as I am, Tatum has more upside than him and all of the guys you named.