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  1. Bummer. He was playing so well. Good to know now though to plan the rest of the week without having to worry about when to scoop him back up.
  2. Never panic. Never make a move out of anger. And when you are torn between two or three guys for a pickup, put their names in a hat and have your 6 month old son randomly pick it for you.
  3. Even with him saying he is going to play again this season (which I didn't really think this was a season ending injury anyway) making the decision to drop given his schedule is the right decision. Past rotator cuff strains have kept guys out for more than just two games. Two I saw from the past were KCP and Zaza a few years ago, both missing 4 games. So I think Porter is going to miss his next game Saturday. Then the Bulls don't play until a back to back the 26th and 27th. My guess would be since they are in tank mode and he has had various injuries already this year, they will play it safe and he will not play in both of those. He could possibly be brought back the 27th, but he may not. So unless you are crushing your opponent or feel confident in the next round, dropping him to maximize your games is the safer and smarter play.
  4. Yeah the only injury update the coach had yesterday was that Holmes was going to practice today. Nothing on Oubre (or Warren and Tyler Johnson) I guess we will know after practice today and I am waiting for that to make my decision. Regarding timeline, it depends on how serious it is. If its not serious, he could play Thursday or might miss another game or two at the most. If he ended up tearing ligaments or something, then he is done for the rest of the season. My opinion is it was not serious and he was just being held out for the tank. There was absolutely no indication last Saturday that he had hurt it. Although I say that and remember when Kevin Martin was draining threes with a broken wrist - I had him that year. So who the hell knows....
  5. But this guy was just Enes Kanter, right? Things that make you go hmmmmm.....
  6. I know Boylen cannot be trusted with his statements on injuries (see LaVine), but just something to ponder: Porter told bulls.com before the game he hurt his shoulder in the first quarter against Sacramento. There was no word on how long Porter might be sidelined. "He took a blow to the shoulder and he's not feeling great, so we're going to sit him out and I don't have a time table for anything with that," Boylen said. "He's really sore." https://www.dailyherald.com/sports/20190318/porter-sits-out-as-bulls-end-losing-streak-vs-suns?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  7. I have J Rich and Klay - a combined 2/19. Fun times!
  8. Beyond giving everyone the same lottery odds, I don’t know what can be done about tanking. Two teams trying to out-tank each other. I have both Oubre and Porter and I know it makes sense for the teams to do it to ensure their odds, but it is the absolute worst part of fantasy.
  9. Phantom sprained thumb I guess nothing gets in the way of a good tank. Ugh!
  10. I have Klay and I have not heard much either regarding rest days this week. Personally, I am prepared for a 4 game week for Klay and would be surprised if the starters plus Iggy did not get at least one of the back to back games off. If Boogie's MRI comes back clean, regardless I think he could potentially rest twice. But I don't see Kerr resting anyone else twice.