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  1. Get Mitchell 100%. Jarren Allen won't be Mitchell good this year.
  2. I would give ball a couple more games if you can afford it. Shai is great but he isn't a integral part of the offense so will post some duds from time to time. Great player though and with a injury prone clippers team.
  3. Best drop candidate is DJ but they are almost equal in value. You should choose between these two based on their playoff schedules and which stats you need but they are interchangable.
  4. Hey guys, I currently have powell and nerlens noel but I also have skal in my IR roster. Should I drop one of these guys for skal? I'm in the last week fighting for a playoff spot so if noel posts a dud he can potentially lose for me.
  5. I would go with green or ingles green has been hot lately but ingles is the better fantasy player ros
  6. Still skal? Nerlen put up some numbers tonight
  7. I would stick with murray. With kawhi and aldrige out he'll get more touches. If not sato but depending on your playoff schedule wall might be back near the end.
  8. Drop all of them lol JJ is probably the best of those 3
  9. Brogdon is out for a couple months so bledsoe benefits a lot while randle is a trade candidate in a log jammed front court with pretty good players (nance + kuzma) Giannis and Harden are pretty equally and it just depends on how what stats you want threes, blocks, turnovers, assist, rebounds Bogdan is pretty worthless unless you're in a dynasty league. The rotations and minutes are too unpredictable.Still in the WW in my 12 team league.
  10. Lonzo is down Randle playing well Bad defense Low usage rate, they don't incorporate him as much for some reason Kuzma is a unselfish player and likes to keep the ball moving
  11. Too much for kanter. If they are knocked out of playoff contention they have plenty of other bigs mainly hernangomez to develop. Especially in a 14T where dept is a larger concern.