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  1. Foles is coming back. Does Chark continue his pace of production or take a hit?
  2. If DJ goes tonight do we think he impacts Drakes value? Do we start DJ over Drake?
  3. Are we starting tonight if he goes? Hyde is my backup
  4. Been shopping around for help at RB. What are some offers you've seen for guys like Chris Godwin and Amari Cooper? I've got WRs out my ***
  5. I'm loaded at WR. DJ and Gurley at RB, Godein, Cooper, Chark at WR.
  6. I've traded starters down to get a hot player on their bye week in the past. It has caused me to lose matchups... but win championships. Got Caff last year for Gurley straight up. We know how that ended.
  7. My team is pretty stacked too. Plus I have my bye matchups all lined up already. I'm 3-3 though lol
  8. We will see. At worst he is a good playoff stash because you know hes gunna wanna play and hes gunna be super fresh.
  9. This picture is why I LOVE Godwin. Which guy would you put your best corner on? The guy running outside with shoulders as wide as a Volkswagen bug, or the little dude running across the middle? Evans has value going forward too, even Howard could be a great stash.
  10. This is refreshing to see. Everywhere I look people seem to be convinced this Chubb kid is made from stone or something... I'm not convinced.. Hell of a runner. Not sure how he will be feeling by week 10 with damn near every snap played, blocking, near 180 rushes, passing work... I think Hunt is coming back at the right time for the browns to gear up for next year.
  11. If you're taking the loss to make your team better and not compromising any other team in your league, go for it. Example: I wouldnt take a loss if it meant that a team in my division got bumped out of the playoffs. Ie. I would take a trade like CMC for DJ and Kirk if the owner of that game needed a win, and I could afford a loss. Making that trade would pretty much gurantee a loss for me this week....they would also have to be willing to give you CMC though... so...
  12. You did what?! You'll regret that move I bet. The Bills chuck it... that Jags have Chark and Fournette in the redzone and Westbrook for everything in-between. Knox finna blow up
  13. If he plays he starts. He could put up 28 on the Eagles with only 4 catches. That secondary is trash. Gallup is a great play too. If Cooper doesnt go, I'll plug in Crowder against New England with confidence.
  14. Gunna throw down Rex Burkhead on this list. If White or Michelle missed time, Sexy Rexy would be the ******** guy.
  15. Y'all hostile. Channel that s--- to Chark for the week and let him be angry for all of us. - Sincerely, just some guy that wants us all to get along. In all honestly I like Chark as a top 15 going forward... of course he will have weeks where he's outside the top 30, but the 6 or so weeks he posts over 15 points I'm going to consider a win, especially since there will be a couple high 20 bombs in there.