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  1. Is this considered a buy low if I'm giving Fournier and RoCo?
  2. If this is category, I would hold for now. Jokic can only get better and Bam is killing it so far.
  3. Would you waste a waiver priority on Enes Kanter?
  4. Drummond for Trae Young and Randle. 14 team H2H 9 cat
  5. Receiving Randle. 14 team H2H 9 cat punting 3’s and TO and FT
  6. Lowry for Bledsoe since if you need more steals.
  7. My team is good in blocks. Need more 3s and steals.
  8. I have a punt assist team and already have Drummond as a center. I'm lacking in 3's.