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  1. To be honest I take a day of maintenance once in a while. I own him in my dynasty and I was worried heading to this season considering the knee, so far I like how the C's have managed his health.
  2. Yes you have a max number of votes you can use.
  3. You can vote here to ask for the update :
  4. I've seen peeps posting this type of issues in a Yahoo forum where we can add up complains. If one feels like doing it now.. feel free.
  5. The dude updating the blurbs must have some sort of button... Seriously it's beyond me.. ive email them just so you know..
  6. So if im refreshing my page to be allowed to switch him and Rondo in the IL im wasting my time I suppose... No way to email them or smthg? Their latest blurb says it all, out for weeks...
  7. I've never really paid attention on how quickly they usually react with this type of update.
  8. Hmm when do you think we'll see the INJ tag appears on Yahoo?
  9. This is a close one but I think I would keep JV and Green.
  10. Being poor at rebounding... I would keep Al and Crowder. DJA's role is too fragile imo.
  11. Less familiar with Points League but Id go Kemba side. I don't trust Lonzo to really improve this season, and we may see Harden rested at some point this season, Lavine is breaking out, Beal could be on his way to an even better situation.
  12. Hello guys, it's been a long time I haven't posted a msg but today I've received an offer I can't make up my mind on. I play a yahoo dynasty roto 9 cats league (ninth cat being a/to) that has no max games. 5 keepers minimum and 10 keepers maximum every season. I won last year. I'm currently 2nd with a 5 pts deficit mainly due to A/To and FT% poor stats. My team : Chris Paul (PG) Monte Morris (PG) Elfrid Payton (PG) [on the IL] Kyrie Irving (PG/SG) Devin Booker (PG/SG) Kris Dunn (PG/SG) [on the IL] Marcus Smart (PG/SG) Josh Richardson (PG/SG/SF) Gary Harris (SG/SF) Bojan Bogdanovic (SG/SF) Rudy Gay (SF/PF) TJ Warren (SF/PF) Giannis Antetokounmpo (SF/PF) James Johnson (SF/PF) Al Horford (PF/C) Nikola Jokic (PF/C) Karl-Anthony Towns (C) Rudy Gobert (C) I've been offered Dario Saric (PF/C), D'Angelo Russell (PG/SG), Jeremy Lamb (SG/SF) for Josh Richardson and Kris Dunn. I'm looking for an evaluation of this deal on both short and long term considering it's a dynasty league. Also, if you feel like I should accept this offer, please tell me the 2 players you would cut. (If i accept this deal with Dunn being on the DL I'll have to cut 2 players right away). Thank you guys and of course I'll be glad to help you out as well if you have deals you hesitate on. Just copy a link to your response. Hollers
  13. That's what (can) happen when you post from your smartphone, now if a moderator can transfer that to the bball forum that's great, if not feel free to delete it (seems that I can't from here).