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  1. Dropped Kurucs for this kid. Seems like White will get consistent minutes while also producing stocks
  2. Did the exact same thing my brother. Had to, before someone else vultured him of the wire
  3. The one true Lord Covington delivers yet again
  4. • Barcelona tried to tank Rodions Kurucs' draft stock so he wouldn't go to the NBA. Now he could be the biggest 2018 draft steal. I came across an interesting story about Brooklyn Nets rookie Rodions Kurucs and how his pre-draft club FC Barcelona wouldn't give him minutes with the A-team and made extensive efforts so that he wouldn't be seen by NBA scouts, in order to keep him on the team. In the 2017-18 season, he played only 43 minutes in the top-flight Spanish league (Luka Doncic played nearly 900 minutes, and even Barcelona product Mario Hezonja played over 582 in their final seasons). He also only played 20 minutes per game through 16 games in the second-division Spanish league. Currently, Kurucs is averaging 9 points and 4 rebounds per game (13/5/1 through 6 starts) and ranks third among rookies in true shooting percentage, at 61.1%, despite being a 40th overall pick. His 24-point game vs. the Indiana Pacers on Dec. 21 is the most he has ever scored in a professional basketball game. His 16-10 game vs. the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 23 was also his first double-double in a pro game. He recently fired shots at Barcelona, "After three years, I’m finally enjoying playing basketball."
  5. Lmfao Lavine is a** and turner is too . Dipo owners rejoice!!
  6. I just traded my Klay for Oladipo and im all about this guys hype train. Please tell me, does anyone have any updates on this guy?
  7. D'Lo will be the engine of that team and both Dinwiddie and laverts stats will drop for sure
  8. D'Angelo Russell will be back in a week or 2, his value will drop then
  9. Paytons a Trip dub threat, Rubios just off this year idk why. Hows that 3 for 2 deal go yesterday?
  10. Dipo and Gobert for Wall and Cousins That would be a winning trade for you, if he accept then that would be a steal! if hes iffy include james johnson for a 3 for 2 and pick up someone in the waivers
  11. Gobert is playing tn so he will be off your IL, Maybe trade someone for Millsap, package Ibaka in and ask for K Love or aldridge or even trade for griffin he has halff the timeline for return millsap has
  12. Id package Dipo with someone else on your team for Wall and Cousins May as well go big or go home. If hes asking you for Dipo and offering you wall he has an incredible value for him so sell high while you can and make a big blockbuster deal
  13. Kanter has been playing very welll too and K Loves value should drop as Isiah Thomas comes back into the picture, who else does he have?
  14. No i see Dipo having a 25 ppg season while getting you almost 2 steals and and a block with a couple 3s made. I think Dipos value is higher and would not accept. Try and counter offer a 2 for 2 trade instead and maximize the value
  15. I wouldnt accept. Oladipo is a better long term hold imo but he plays 3 games only in the playoff weeks so if you have a H2H league then i would if not then no
  16. Oladipo will continue to be hot do not advise trading him
  17. An owner just offered me Porzingis for my LMA, should i make the trade? My team btw:
  18. Someone just offered me their Porzingis for my LMA, should I selll high on LMA before Kawhi gets back? This is my team btw: 7 Team ESPN H2H
  19. Im in a 7 team H2H league (weird right? lol its for my workplace we could only find 7 people that were interested) Anyways, I picked up Lauri Bird a while ago, hes been a stud. Just dropped him for Dinwiddie, as I have D'Lo out and need to cover some of his stats. Im first in Pts, Assists, second in Rbs 3pm but lacking in blobks and steals and fg% I dropped JV for Favors the other night and that proved I can up my rebounds and fg% The only thing i had Lauri really help out with was 3PM but i think Dinwiddie can get over 2.5 3pm Thoughts? Kinda sad i drtopped Lauri Markksman but i think i improved my team