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  1. How to improve my team? WHIR

    WW is pretty tight. Just picked up Melton (as I moved Horford to IR) and dropped Crowder for Crabbe. Planning to drop Crabbe and pick up Bjelica now. Other intriguing options in the WW: Hood, Kennard, Winslow, Huerter, Chandler, Harris, Bridges. Nothing exciting.
  2. First to drop is McGee. I would personnaly drop him for Lou since you have so much talented big men. Would you help with mine?
  3. Take! No brainer. Would you help with mine?
  4. Hey, Really struggling this season in my 14-team, 9-cats league. Goal was to punt FG (pretty successful). Here is my team - how would you rate it?: PG: Lowry, Conley, Trae Young, Melton SG: LaVine, Lamb, Crabbe SF: Osman PF: Doncic, Marcus Morris C: Adams, BroLo, Horford (IR) Thinking about trading one of my PG, should be Young - what could I ask for him? + do you see other improvements or possible trades? WHIR 100%! Thanks!
  5. I would stick with Butler/RW side, but depends on your team.
  6. Embiid side, no brainer! Help with mine?
  7. 3 for 3 - PG13 for Butler - WHIR!

    Would say Augustin offers more upside than Parker but I still would stay put. Help with mine?
  8. Trade accepted, whos winning? WHIR

    Mirotic side! Help with mine?
  9. I wouldn't drop any of these guys for Lyles. Help?
  10. Harden side! Help with mine?
  11. P Siakam / J Collins

    Collins, no brainer. Help?