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  1. I would keep Simmons, young proven talent. As mentioned previously Ingram will regress some when Zion comes back and Ingram is more injury prone. any help would be appreciated!
  2. Ingram is a sell high but Lavine isn't high enough imo. If you can get a top 25-30 player back do it! but i think Lavine ends around the 40-50 range.
  3. I'd go for Bridges, I think he will fill the stat sheet more than Harris and Harris is very injury prone
  4. I think holding both would be toast, especially in an 8 team where teams are just that much better. There are likely some studs on the waiver wire. Pick one up and drop Collins.
  5. I agree with the crowd on this one. Drop house for him!
  6. I would take Bryant over Draymond. Bryant is going to get the minutes and is proving himself to be a solid player while GS is going to make every excuse to sit Dray.
  7. Lowry side, there is a risk of injury but they need him to perform to compete in the east. They are gunna sit DLo because GS isnt going to compete this year.
  8. I’d roll with IT. Kuzma has potential but there the vortex of AD and LB is gunna hurt him. IT is going get more touches and was taking the ball up as starting PG last game
  9. you gotta go with Trae here. he outweighs the other side of the deal for sure.
  10. Vuc has a higher floor with a bit lower of a ceiling, I would take the safe route and choose Vuc
  11. I would hold on to PJ. it hasnt been long enough for Troy to prove himself imo.
  12. I think it's giving too much. Trae is definitely a great player but Lavine and SGA are also young and talented, playing well with lots of upside on the season.
  13. Got offered my Drummond and Bledsoe or his Giannis and Powell (Troy brown Jr. also available). I am punting 3's and FT% but already have elite centres in Gobert, Capela, and T. Bryant Take it?
  14. With all of his injury issues I feel like you could counter with someone worse and have a pretty good shot at being successful.