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  1. I'm glad he didn't fall too far from the tree. Sabonis Sr. taught him well
  2. Damn he's got 16 pts 10 reb 2 ast 1 stl and 1 three pointer at halftime...why do they not let him play more
  3. It's like you guys have never had a high upside-but still raw rookie on your team in fantasy basketball. They WILL have bad days, and plenty of good days. Don't cry so quickly boys.
  4. Dude had 11 in the last game and 7 before that. Tell me why you think 4 will be the norm.
  5. Luckily it's only Monday eh? Terrible FG% and TOs, but still came away with 3 threes, 2 stls, 9 rebounds, and perfect FT%. Silver lining. My main concern is when he isn't taking a ton of shots, which feels like its common as of late. He's more efficient, basically getting his numbers from last year in five less minutes, but he should be taking no less than 15 shots a game as the second best offensive player on the team.
  6. Collins averaged 1.1 blocks and .6 steals last year in under 25 minutes a game. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t improve on those numbers. A lot of you just expect way too much from the get go from a guy working his way back from injury and getting into the groove again.
  7. D Rose in the lead for 6th Man of the Year? I know Harrell and Sabonis are in the mix as well, but would love to see this guy stay consistent for the year and win it.
  8. His fantasy floor feels like 2016-17 Brook Lopez...but as another mentioned, could easily become the next Shawn Marion in terms of all around fantasy friendliness. This kid will be special.
  9. Actually most of his defensive stats came during a crucial run in the 3rd as they were clawing their way back into the game. Played incredible defense on Utah for a good stretch and it's clear the guy has the upside to be an animal as he develops.
  10. I mean he got 23 pts, 11 rebs, 4 asts, and a block with awesome FG%. What more can you ask for from a guy...
  11. Apparently the accuser has fabricated these kinds of stories before with other celebrities, so I would take what has been said thus far with a big grain of salt. That being said, I see this blowing over pretty quickly.
  12. It's almost as if there is more than 24 minutes in a basketball game
  13. Foul trouble like usual. Fouled out with 6 minutes left in the 4th. Just needs to figure out how to not get offensive fouls, because that's where he has a lot of issues.
  14. Hey guys, usually don't need advice on this but I got a dilemma that I'm sure most of you have tonight: EVERYONE IS PLAYING. That being said, I need to bench two guys tonight. However, don't know who's the best bet to perform of these big men: -John Collins vs Toronto -Wendell Carter Jr vs Phoenix -Jarrett Allen vs Dallas -Jaren Jackson Jr vs San Antonio My gut reaction is to bench the rookies since their minutes are somewhat inconsistent and limited. However, Collins I'm not sure about his minutes despite him starting (plus playing the raptors). Which ones would you guys play/bench? Thanks in advance and always happy to help!