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  1. trade #1 . .gary harris is underrated. butler + harris will give you a lot of stls
  2. Any thoughts?? he prefer to give barton that's why im still thinking but if he will package it with kuzma il pull the trigger.
  3. Mine: Ben Simmons + Dennis Schroeder Offer is: Dame Lillard + Bismack Biyombo im going to lose some big chunk in AST and thinking if Vooch will come back bismack would take a big hit. But i want Lillard on my team . preparing for playoffs Need your inputs
  4. Giannis + DSJ = DEROZAN + MCCOLUM
  5. frustrated on how the hell he play almost 52mins and only shoot 10?12? the rebounds are not even in double digits.. oh well.
  6. damn . . im really torn if im going to drop him.. he will not return this week and with no timetable at all.
  7. im going to get ingram for my lauri should i do it?
  8. Hi guys thanks for the inputs.. the other owner decided just to go 1 is to 1. harden for giannis
  9. funniest ish ever . . is steve kerr their coach for almost 20+ years? and you really know what will happen?!?!?! AHAHAHA
  10. Mine is Ben simmons and Giannis for Harden and Aaron gordon 14 teamer 15 cat's.. my lineup is on my signature need input if i should pull the trigger
  11. planning to get him . . but the owner on my league wants ben simmons head for it.