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  1. ... He's playing with a sore knee... I hope they don't shut him down... I would really need KAT for the finals if i get there.
  2. Blame me guys. I picked him up and he slowed down
  3. f---.. f---... Duck.. I shouldn't have commented
  4. Well you can always count on Davis going through some injury ...but our guy KAT has been so cold blooded recently. Best C so far and I hope he continues to dominate during my playoffs!
  5. Boy did i pick him up on the right day... Definitely keeping
  6. Kawhi doesn't need your hot takes 🤫
  7. F no! yeah, but remember- a team who tanks also likes to play their young players because it gets them better... So YES, I think that Bryant is better and I think that they SHOULD play him because he's hopefully in the plans for the Wizards future. I just know Brooks is a fool and he might actually play Ian and Portis more....
  8. I'm grabbing him. With imminent tanking I would HOPE Scott Brooks plays Bryant over guys like Mahimni.... I had him a couple weeks ago, dropped and then got him because of Otto gone. Someone needs to take those minutes... right?
  9. I was offering Devin Booker and satoransky for him and he still declined
  10. Please don't tell me Bog is getting dealt too....
  11. Yeah I can't wait for the accumulated 15 pts, 10 boards and 3 steals in 4 games !!!
  12. Why does this thread exist lol