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  1. I could pick him up right now him or Avery Bradley... But in a Punt points and 3's does JJ really help? Hmm.
  2. Joe Ingles 2017-18 Season Outlook

  3. Joe Ingles 2017-18 Season Outlook

    He's getting a nice drop after his back to back. Smh. Not playing well at all and provides no stats for me...
  4. Zach Randolph 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Reduced role for rest of the season... who're the beneficiaries?
  5. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    I'm so happy I traded for him. Could he snag 20 rebs and 8 assists before the game ends?
  6. Bismack Biyombo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Wow too good to be true. Thought we were getting a perfect ft today. But wow I'm in love with him so far! Sit vuc for the rest of the season
  7. I'm buying a Butler jersey tonight. It's official. Gonna get it tomorrow. Paid extra for that b*tch for express delivery lol. His stats today has me lined up to win the first seed team in our conference.
  8. Bismack Biyombo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I love Biz Daddy ♥️
  9. Joe Ingles 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Thanks for the awesome pickup today BBM! 1 assist, 1 steal, and 2 TO's!
  10. Jarrett Jack 2017-2018 Outlook

    I'm on board! Dropped Delon for him as I need to muster up all the assists i can get this week!
  11. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    No real threat for me of not making the playoffs. He'll definitely be held until at least well after ASB.. How can you not take the risk on a Baptist?
  12. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Tough break for owners.. Now guess I gotta start Biyombo every game
  13. I recommend streaming... I'd check to see if he could retain what he used to put up with Lowry coming back. Maybe give him a game more after this one to gauge where he is
  14. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Collins. Okay I see what you mean. It's kinda discouraging though. Even with ilyasova I'm hoping than bud doesn't smite Collins minutes away.... I've believed in this kid ever since mid Nov
  15. Alex Len 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    It's funny because I'm actively looking for someone from Phoenix as fantasy value and I keep looking at Chriss, Bender and Len.. and NONE of their young big men are getting burn.. smh. Phoenix is such a clueless franchise.