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  1. Also I forgot to add I also have Otto porter who I thought would give me equal value to covington.. so far that's far from being the case
  2. Davis for sure. Oladipo just won't be quite as good as last year I think and Davis is the best player in this trade
  3. Same here. Apart from Drummond there isnt anything interesting. I see Giannis averaging over 11 rebounds a game this year as he is playing some center with 4 shooters around him, so even drummond's only statistical advantage in rebounds wont be my more than 4-5 rebounds. Keep giannis
  4. Just because of injuries no way. I'm worried about Butler missing 1 outta 3 games or so because of the trade talks and random resting however.
  5. 9 cat League H2H weekly. I also have Giannis Derozan Hardaway Jr Ibaka Levert I'm leaning towards pulling the trigger on this trade. I lose a bit of 3s and steals but the rest is no doubt a win. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. I have the same problem of not being able to post a new topic because of the minimum required posts. In the meanwhile I have this trade offer that I need to answer ASAP, if anyone has any thoughts on it. I currently own CP3/KP Chris Paul and Kristaps Porzingis for Demarcus Cousins and Devin Booker I am not sold on KP holding this efficiency, as teams will adjust and he will likely finish around 25ppg on 44%FG. Paul will be great and efficient, but I don't know if he will surpass a 15 4 8 2stl average, playing with Harden. I would just get killed in TOs if I take this trade. Any thoughts?? Appreciate the help!
  7. I have Jimmy Buckets as well and I can't imagine being able to get Bradley Beal for him that is just insane. He is inconsistent and I still can't believe Wiggins is closing games over Jimmy. I don't think Butler will be better than top 50 all season