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  1. So guys where do you expect to draft him next season ? I believe his adp is somewhere 70-80 or 85 next season. If he could put up those stats consistently 55-70. He really out there looking like James Johnson from last season tbh, filling up every sheet.
  2. I believe second is John Collins or not ? Both Turner and Collins are head aches to own lol! At least Collins put up great line!
  3. His floor is so damn bad. I spy with my eye Jarrel Martin is heating up, probably will drop, might regret, but I am in 2nd week of Playoffs and got to take the risk! Strong hold, if it wasn't playoffs tho.
  4. Cant wait tomorrows stat line! This guy is like Kyle Anderson, but with elite FG% and FT% is slowly coming too, better point scorer plus he had 0 to's and gets 2 steals per game when named starter (excluding one game)!
  5. Guy said racist word. Is he going to be suspended or fined ?
  6. Shelvin plays today! Only 4 players play today for me! I will give him 1 game chance!
  7. I picked up Shelvin, because I am still waiting for update about his condition! But as nothing has been reported, I believe he is fine and might be questionable for next game!
  8. Well, well! Will the Thrill is no more bipolar! 25 points with nice rebs and assists! He is coming to his own, after hearing me out, comparing him to Prince, KCP. He said to himself - "hell nah" and dropped 25 pts!
  9. Well, kind of improved with stats (5 steals last night) but fg% is killing my team(at least whole team still shoots over 50%). Could we see some goodies from Will "Bipolar" Barton or will he sink to the levels of KCP's, D'Angelos or Hields ?? I hope not
  10. I hope tonight is the night Will The Thrill makes his spectacular return and gives us flashy stats moving forward. Its about time he starts playing good again!
  11. Nets are lottery team years to come. Let people enjoy themselves! LOL P.S. Okafor isn't going to come out on floor anytime soon! Peace y'all