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  1. 15-20 points from Jimmy Graham... probably not happening 😂
  2. Well with Kirk likely to play this Sunday in a shootout, how are you guys feeling about his production? Another TD incoming?
  3. NP! My only concern is that my opponent this week has Dalvin Cook, Kerryon Johnson, Tyler Boyd and DJ Chark I feel like they're all going to have good weeks... so i guess I may need to chase some ceiling. Some people think that Larry Fitz is gonna have a breakout game in a projected shootout. Would you still start Evans over Fitz?
  4. If you can get Ekeler for Chubb, I'd take it and RUN
  5. From what we've seen so far yes. He looked really rusty his first game back... imo its gonna take a week or two to get back up to speed. And given how crappy the Chargers DEF is they're gonna play from behind and use Ekeler a lot more
  6. I would only want Gordon if I could trade a RB2 type.. like Marlon Mack for him Also we only have one game this season where both Gordon and Ekeler played... so its gonna be tough for the Gordon owner to come to a rational valuation
  7. Id definitely go for the Bear Def. Wouldn't mind dropping the Chargers DEF and just riding them out
  8. Yea you gotta play Edmonds if DJ sits. The game is gonna be a shootout
  9. Yes Edmonds for sure if DJ sits. I am a little worried about the game script for the LAC PIT game... this is because many experts seem to think that the Charges would be leading the game for the most part meaning that Gordon is gonna play more snaps. I don't think Ekeler is gonna get much red zone looks and won't get the season high 16 receptions he got last week...
  10. I'd lean Minshew also. May be slightly biased also because I am starting him over Jameis Winston in one of my leagues