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  1. They also started him at the 3 instead of the 4 though. Gentry is out of his mind. AD and Okafor are the worst possible combo
  2. The new front page effing sucks. The old one, I can see all the player news on one screen, no scrolling needed. Now I gotta jump thru hoops. Why fix what wasn't broke?
  3. Even on Friday when they initially said he would play, they said he would come off the bench. Looks like Kenrich has a starting gig on lockdown
  4. In points leagues, Mitch Rob is pretty much useless. He's not even remotely ownable in my leagues
  5. We had like 15 pages about Mitchell Robinson. Doesn't mean he's good. Lol
  6. I totally saw this coming since they had the knee soreness thing listed before last night's match. Still sucks balls any way you slice it
  7. Nobodys giving them multiple 1st round picks for Conley on that contract. Unless maybe they have a God awful contract coming back. Like a nick Batum type contract
  8. Thank you Scott Brooks! I'm facing Sato this week and Brooks just saved my a** tonight
  9. I'm in points leagues also. If he has lines like these every night, I'm stoked! He had like 40-45 fantasy points tonight (depending on how your scoring goes obviously). That's damn good
  10. They're calling it a mild neck strain. Good news guys!
  11. Well it did say that he ended up getting up and walked off on his own. So that's atleast reason for optimism
  12. Hes finally getting a chance to start. Force Doc to keep it that way Montrezl!
  13. They robbed him of a block. WTF. Also the blowout ruined what could've been a huge night