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  1. Whoever signs him is going to need to pay him what he wants to be paid. That team was only the Raiders in the offseason (right?). I can't imagine he's endeared himself to many front offices in recent weeks. He'd surprise me if he took less money than his deal with Oakland. I think he's toast this year.
  2. Right, not sure. From the minute I saw the video I thought all the apologies and understanding went out the window. Using the audio from a private conversation with your team's head coach (which obviously isn't scripted or approved by the team) seems like something the self-serious NFL brass would be very ticked about. Content-wise the video depicts Gruden as being weak with Brown (Gruden knows the only way to get through to him is to agree with him) and paints the Raiders as the ones being difficult when it came to their troubled relationship. The front office has to take the line that the name and image of the Black and Silver trumps all. Then idea of posting a video like that, aside from the content itself, casts Brown again as someone who thinks he's bigger than the team and unwilling to think before he acts. As far as the money goes, I don't disagree with Mayock voiding the guarantees, because Brown is showing every indication that he's not going to end up earning that money, whether it be due to suspensions, sitting games, etc. He's been a non-stop circus since week 17 of last year and I can understand Mayock wanting to take his $30 million off the train before it goes off the track permanently.
  3. Hmmm I thought the big fine was the reaction to the video. That might have just been an assumption on my part.
  4. That's the not series of events. First he apologized, so they said he's playing. Then he inexplicably posted the video with the Gruden audio and they cracked down on him. Their punishments were all reactionary.
  5. Do you think I need to upgrade my machine? On topic though, this dude isn't going to play in Oakland. I don't know what happens from here, since this is kind of unprecedented. At a certain point TO had destroyed his reputation enough that he couldn't find a deal after a 9 TD season in Buffalo. As somebody else said, nobody is going to give him guaranteed money to bring a circus into their locker room that they've been spending months to cultivate. The Raiders are a haphazard organization whose coach had a profound love of AB. They might have been his only match.
  6. Thanks. It looks like you just use the URL actually the Copy Link URL doesn't embed.
  7. I have been pro-Damien all offseason. The shady move gives me a little pause, because as long as he's healthy he's still a skilled RB. He's a completely different threat to production than the combo of Hyde+Thompson were. The difference between being a top 5 RB and an RB2 can be as small as 300 yards, 20 catches, and 3-4 TDs. If given a chance I can't see Shady not eating into Williams' production over the course of the long season. I still like D-Will's potential to finish as a top 12 RB, but I'm not longer interested in him at the 1/2 turn. I'd probably drop him behind all of those top 10 WRs + Kelce now in PPR, .5 PPR leagues especially leagues with yardage bonuses. As far as RB rankings, he's probably an upside RB2 play. I'd probably be drafting him around RB15.
  8. I think Shady's washed up, but I thought he reached the wall after 2015, too and was wrong there.
  9. Warning: Cool story incoming... Yeah I have Mahomes too so hopefully Allen sparks something to where I can trade one of them to improve what is currently a weak WR situation lol. This cool story has ended.
  10. In my 12 team 3 wr full ppr league I go WR/WR if im drafting at the back end of the first round to ensure that I have 2 quality starters at that position.