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  1. To be fair he said this in July. I’m not the biggest football fan, I was surprised how “small” he looked during that press conference . It didn’t even look like he had biceps . Maybe it was the shirt he was wearing. And that shirt , that kind of bothers me more than anything. Not the message but the idea that he is making statements like that and not focusing on his recovery and production, seems like a bad sign.
  2. Not everybody plays in 10 team leagues. I like him in that home ballpark, he has prospect pedigree and multiple position eligibility. I can see him as a top 10 - 2nd baseman and top -15 at 3rd. I like him.
  3. How many points do you get in your fantasy league per web gem?
  4. Sorry I haven’t read this whole thread but where is Rotoworlds official Waiver Wired column? It’s almost 4pm and I don’t see it. Am I missing it somewhere?
  5. [...] The ride has just been incredible from following the minor league thread everyday salivating for a call up to him bombing away in my fantasy playoffs. If you play in Roto I could maybe forgive you for not picking this guy in the first round, maybe. There is nothing that suggests this guy will be anything but a fantasy monster for a long time and I for one don’t want him an any other team but my own.
  6. Thanks for letting me know that. I do use CBS and that’s what I have been going off of. My bad.
  7. This guy has a .418 OBP in 50 ABs , is a potential future starter next year on a team out of contention and I feel like he’s been on the bench for a
  8. Absolutely worth it. Super customizable and although it’s expensive , if you split it up between teams it’s well worth it. The app sometimes acts up but they do a pretty good job of fixing the bugs as they arise.
  9. Im waiting to hear how the surgery went. But it’s inevitable.
  10. You should feel more than great about that pick. He will play this year , question is when . Plus you got ekeler. I drafted him early in the 2nd round before the latest news that he was gonna miss some regular season games . In a 10 team league I’d still draft him there. There will be plenty of fill in guys in a shallow league like that and when he comes back he could be a difference maker .
  11. This guys sucks even more than I thought.