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  1. When you point at someone you have 4 fingers pointing back at you . "The uber-talented third baseman is a prime second half bounce-back candidate." - This is from the Rotoworld blurb on June 23rd. I traded for him shortly after this. Sometimes the haters are just louder and more boisterous .
  2. He just got called up by the A’s . Rotoworld has him as a 1b although he’s starting at 2b tonight . .421 OBP and 73 RBI in the minors this year. Anybody have any thoughts on how his playing time and/or performance will shake out?
  3. Fair to say that this gentlemen didn’t have the best take. J-Ram has been the MVP of the second half. Hope the apologists held pat with him, or the savvy owners picked him up at a discount .
  4. You’re bugging if you think this guy shouldn’t be owned in every league. High floor and high ceiling . His stats over a full year would be 30+ home runs and 90+ RBI and that counts the period he was shaking off he rust from tommy john and not having an offseason to prepare . I’d say pick your battles and saying Ohtani isn’t at least a must own (I consider him a must start) shouldn’t be one.
  5. It’s looking more and more like he is going to keep up this pace as the season rolls along.
  6. He's played 7 games in the OF this year since being called . If he doesn't earn OF eligibility from this year he will earn it in short order in 2020. I do not agree with your assessment.
  7. I have to keep two players between Bellinger, Betts, Bogaerts , J. Ram and Yordan and I honestly haven’t ruled out keeping big Yo. Baseball has turned into a young man’s game over the last few years and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that he’s going to be anything less than a top tier power bat. So at draft time I guess he goes somewhere in between the guys I just listed and he looks like a good bet to bring a lot of owners home a championship in 2019.
  8. I feel like he’s slowed down a bit ever since he’s ramped up his throwing program. Hopefully he hasn’t lost focus on his batting. I’m far from worried just an observation .
  9. Anybody have a guesstimate on how many AB's he will finish the year with? [...]
  10. I’m buying. He’s proven he can hit for power and with the juiced balls and good lineup and him being 30 years old I think he still has a shot. This might be his last chance.
  11. I heard that this was inevitable considering the type of player he is and how he started the year off. You can check back at my posts in this thread but he bullet points are ... 1: Incredibly streaky hitter by nature. 2: Mentally he just isn’t a pro yet, whether he gets there or not at some point in his career is yet to be seen but baseball fans in New York know this to be true and I definitely don’t subscribe to the idea that I don’t want this guy running out ground balls because he is a catcher and that means he shouldn’t hustle as somebody said earlier in this thread . 3: He’s not as good as he was playing for that 6 week or so stretch after he came back from the IL. He’s good but he’s not MVP good as I believe I read in a rotoworld blurb at some point. Regression was in the cards and it was pretty obviously coming. 4. He hasn’t proven himself unworthy of the “injury prone” tag yet. Not saying he is or he isn’t , but the data shows he has certainly been hurt a relatively big portion of his career for such a young guy, and being a catcher doesn’t help. He will probably get hot again, although probably not as hot as he was for as long as he was already this season . Hope owners made the most of that hot streak when they had the chance whatever that means for their team in their respective leagues.
  12. Tilson sent down. Corresponding roster move incoming. Cmon baby.
  13. Is this guy going to break camp next year as the primary catcher for LA assuming he doesn’t get traded?
  14. You are just one of those guys who brings his pom pom's and frankly poor information to a thread here just because you own that player. I never said he wasn't good or that there was no advantage to owning him, not even close. You see, that's what guys who know they are wrong do when debating, they try to pass off the other persons' argument as something that is different than what was actually my stance. And since you have devolved to using straw man arguments I'll take that as you admitting that you a homer for Gary, which is fine, but just be up front about it as there are many people on this forum who come here to get an edge in their fantasy league and don't want to get directed off that course by some guy who has a bias. Let the record show that all I have basically said in this thread is that.... There are comparable catchers , one being Grandal who is breaking out in Milwaukee. If I said he was "great" which I don't think I did , well than it was probably to refute you or one of the other groupies in this thread calling Sanchez great, because there numbers are close. Grandal isn't being hyped as a 2nd round pick next year in June of this year like you did with Sanchez in this thread. I thought it was worth being said. Gary Sanchez is not, and frankly will not ever be worth a 2nd round pick in a competitive fantasy baseball league with standard scoring. Anybody who does that is putting themselves at a disadvantage. Maybe you are just trying to balloon his value by talking all this stuff in this thread? You did say you own him in your dynasty league. Do your league mates also use this forum? If so it's an admirable strategy but for any person who is looking for reasonable takes on here the stuff I'm saying needs to be said. You just can't seem to handle that. Pretty funny actually that some other dude in this thread basically said the same thing as me about there being catchers on the same tier as Gary and you were all over his post loving it. It's clear you just don't like that I called you out (When Sanchez was raking mind you) and said that anybody who can get the type of value that was being thrown around in this thread regarding him should do so immediately. I stand by everything I've said in this thread and so far it actually looks like I have been one of the few dropping helpful information , I'm sorry that messes up your angle. P.S. I know this post will get plenty of "confused" reactions or whatever from you and other guys who own him (I'm looking at you Big Bat Theory) but there is nothing confusing about it at all. Homers gonna be homers, it's part of the deal, I'll make it my role to call them out when they are wrong . At least about Gary Sanchez. P.P.S By the way was Gary hurt last season or no?