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  1. Cincy has been awful. That’s more concern with Mixon, but they might showcase him this week with Green out and the offense stalling.
  2. Pick three for my lineup: Fournette Mixon Aaron JobesDalvin Cook Marlon Mack I am thinking Fournette, Jones, Mack Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving
  3. I would go with Amari. I think Dallas is committed to involving him
  4. All inputs appreciated - Need one WR and RB and one flex. Thinking Hilton and, Johnson, Mixon. Or do you guys like Boyd? Thank you TY Hilton Boyd Mixon Ridley K Johnson
  5. I posted a month ago in the Jamal Williams thread that his oweners would get fleeced by Aaron’s owners once they figure out that they drafted the wrong RB. I didn’t know it would be after most fantasy trade deadlines!
  6. I droppped Ebron for Doyle last week. Stupid me...