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  1. Current roster: QB: Lamar HB: CMC, Cook, Breida, Singletary, Mattison WR: Evans, Godwin, Robinson, Boyd, MVS TE: Engram Def: Browns K: Myers Is a Dalvin Cook and Boyd for Chubb a reach? I know the ADP is close for Cook and Chubb but I like the offense that Chubb is on over the Vikings, and given the injury history I was wondering if the move could be made
  2. Any sudden moves you think I can make? I have the Chubb owner who may want Cook off me
  3. For what you paid I am not high on your RBs, Fournette no matter what he says is on a bad offense so his ceiling to me is capped. Bell is unknown and he is on an offense who is not known to run the ball. Overall its a good team, but I am not the biggest fan of your RB situation. Lots of risk involved with the top picks on your team
  4. I like the WR you have, but if you could manage a trade in the RB1 spot I would try and make it. Carson and Penny is a nice handcuff combo but I wouldnt expect Michel to give you RB1 numbers all season even with how he looked in the preseason
  5. I like the 2 QB stack you have and I expect Ridley to have breakout year. Your TE is obviously your weakest position but other than that it looks very solid with some players with high floors and upside.
  6. I agree your WR stack is very nice with some upside, if you could solidify your RB2 with someone a little better I'd love it even more. Hooper is good but not the high tier 1/2 TE imo either. Solid, no major weakness, but some room to improve
  7. QB: Lamar (Streaming) RB: CMC, Cook, Breida, Mattison, Singletary, Hill WR: Evans, Godwin, Boyd, Robinson, MVS TE: Engram Def: Browns K: Myers I am maybe considering to trade Evans away for another WR1 because of the injury concern, but wanted the opinion of others before I made the move
  8. I would try. Not the biggest fan of Andrews just because we don't know how that offense is going to look this year. Samuel could turn into a stud but OJ howard is top 4-5 TE with a higher ceiling so I would go for it
  9. Yes it is, I have an offer. my 2nd and 3rd round (pick 22 and 27) for a guys 2nd and 3rd (pick 14 and 35) is it worth it for the extra leap in the 2nd to pull the trigger?
  10. Im in agreement here with Senator, drop Jackson, especially with Zeke potentially missing the regular season you know Pollard will see a workload that Jackson may not until the 2nd half of the season. You could trade Pollard away just before zeke comes back for some higher value imo.
  11. Was hoping to maybe trade upi my 3rd round to his 2nd but he isnt budging. Everyone is going after the 1st round pick so I was mainly trying to grab it to send off to the highest bidder
  12. Personally not the biggest fan of 2 things, your QB situation and TE. Reed continues to go down with injury and although Andrews could be a boom candidate you never know how the offense is going to look til the season starts. I like the SF handcuff and NO Murray you got, Pollard could get you some value if Zeke misses. You just need more players with a higher floor imo. You have too many players that may break out but not any real stand alone value besides the adams and julio pick. Godwin could see volume, but I would trade him and maybe Johnson for a better RB to try and solidify your RB1
  13. I have a guy in my league 1st overall pick. He wants to trade his 1st round, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th for my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Does the 1 draft position have a better draft in the later rounds or should I hold my 3rd draft positions?
  14. Not a fan of Fournette. His history has shown he will get injured even if he plays well for 3 or 4 weeks and I don't see the value lasting long. Golladay could blow up to a high end wr2 so the value of the best RB1 right now and an upside WR seems like the better offer