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  1. My current roster in an 8 team league. Build was punt FG%, BLKS, and TOs but I recently acquired M Turner off waivers so it may change PG: Westbrook, Conley, Lillard, Collison SG: Harden, J Rich, and M Beasley SF: Isaac PF: Siakam, Jokic C: KAT, Embiid, Turner I was thinking I could try and squeeze another trade out for someone in the 2nd round with a Collison and Josh Richardson combo, but given my current build and the newly acquired Turner, I need some opinion on what kind of deals that would make this stronger? Trading Embiid or KAT for Paul George was also under consideration
  2. Who to drop for Myles Turner (WHIR)

    I also am only allowed 4 centers so I dont know if Valaniunas will even be allowed to stash on my roster
  3. Who to drop for Myles Turner (WHIR)

    lol the guy that dropped him picked up Dragic off waivers since he is about to be back and now has an open roster spot after putting him on IR
  4. Davis or Embid?

    IMO Embiid is the side you need. In the playoffs specifically because you never know who is going to get hot off the waivers. Embiid unless he gets injured is going to be playing majority of the game where as the situation for Davis is up in the air from game to game. And the last thing you need is a back to back that NO decides last minute to sit him. Hope this helps!
  5. Current roster, build is punt FG%, TOs, and BlKs in an 8 team roster PG: Westbrook, Conley, Lillard, Collison SG: James Harden, Richardson, M Beasley (DEN) SF: Isaac, T Ross PF: Siakam, Jokic C: KAT, Embiid, Valuncianas(IR) I was thinking of dropping either Isaac or Ross for Turner just because that caliber of players on waivers is something I think I should snag, but Isaac is playing great right now, and if I drop Ross that hurts my 3pt total. Thoughts?
  6. Embiid for George or AD (WHIR)

    The guy in 2nd place picked up Turner this morning because he was ahead of me on waivers. I have Valuncianas on IR but someone just dropped Gary Harris that I may grab instead. What sort of trade package do you think I could get for Doncic?
  7. Bobby Portis or Malik Beasley? whir 100

    Portis of the two, but itll be interesting to see what the lineup will be in DEN if Murray misses significant time. Hold on to Portis for the long term, but if you need the immediate value then for the time being Beasley is the guy. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741732-embiid-for-george-or-ad-whir/
  8. Add Caris LeVert - Who to drop ?? WHIR

    Dedmon is the for sure drop out of the guys you have on roster. Immediate upgrade imo with how inconsistent Dedmon is. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741732-embiid-for-george-or-ad-whir/
  9. Embiid for George or AD (WHIR)

    His PGs are Lowry and Fox so I was considering giving him a PG in the deal. He also has Love on IR so with him coming back he has so many big men now. Im not sure what combination to go for with Turner being on my waiver claim to get George. He is a Kings fan, so he has Buddy Hield and Fox on the roster and I think they will be harder to move off his team
  10. Embiid for George or AD (WHIR)

    Myles Turner is actually on waivers right now and I was going to drop Isaac for him considering I am pretty high on waivers for the week. I was able to get rid of Middleton/ A Gordon/ and Sabonas for Embiid yesterday so I am a bit hesitant to make a move because I have only lost 1 week the entire season. I appreciate the help
  11. Embiid for George or AD (WHIR)

    The guy who has George has Vucevic as the C role right now but just picked up Okafor and Nurkic. Not sure if he will take the deal considering he goes a lot off of what position each guy plays. Any other recommendations you can see? I think Conley is a sell high right now given his last months production but even then Im not sure who I could get outside of Irving and Curry to upgrade
  12. Trade for Anthony Davis

    I agree with Vlade on this. If this was an 8 or 10 team league I would consider it but its just too risky to put all your faith in AD when we arent 100% sure he plays and even if he does he does have a tendency to get injured. If AD were to go out youd have to put all your faith in the playoffs on waiver players which will be significantly harder in the playoffs when people are snagging ppl off the waivers for a better schedule
  13. Drop for JV...? Whir!

    IMO Zizic or Zubac are the only guys you consider dropping for JV but even then its marginal. Considering how well Ibaka and Siakam have played the only thing limiting JV are his minutes. TT for the cavs has been out giving Zizic some value but with everything up in the air in CLE for the C position I think he is the guy or Zubac that you drop http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741732-embiid-for-george-or-ad-whir/
  14. Butler/BroLo for KD? WHIR

    I would take KD only for the purpose of being able to trade him back to someone else for more value. Butler has played well as of late and youre hitting a small buy low window on Durant that I would take. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741732-embiid-for-george-or-ad-whir/
  15. Bledsoe + OPJ for Kemba Walker? WHIR!!!

    IMO Bledsoe is the better value, Kemba will be the consistent number one guy but if Porter is moved to another team I think his role will go up no matter the selection. Kemba has more points and %s are better but you significantly lose the steals that Bledsoe has provided throughout his career. Its all depending on your team build without knowing I would hold on to what you have. The bucks have been beating teams earlier than expected and I think come closer to playoffs they will try and get the top of the east fighting with the raptors and that will increase Bledsoes usage even more. Lamb, Parker, etc in Charlotte are starting to get injured like every other week and teams are now keying on Walker which will limit his production slightly.