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  1. Out of the options, I would run Markkanen only because of the minutes that Markkanen is guaranteed over Jaren who is sharing them with Green.
  2. Conley/ A Gordon for Walker WHIR

    What kind of value do you think I could get for either of them? I am under the impression ppl think he is over performing his value and that the injuries will return in my league.
  3. Trade: Lillard for Embid WHIR

    Are you punting any categories? Your blocks are significantly low with the number of guards you have, so if you are punting I would hold. But if you are looking to upgrade in all areas I do think that balances your team out more.
  4. Conley/ A Gordon for Walker WHIR

    What kind of value would you say I could get for a conley and gordon trade then? I really need to get rid of westbrook or capela because they are killing my FT% but the guy for Jokic wont budge
  5. Trade: Lillard for Embid WHIR

    Personally i would do it but like you said you are guard heavy and are giving up your best player. If you could partner a conley and green for embiid I would rather do that because you have a lot of the same category of players and I am not a fan of any knicks players with how each game their minutes fluctuate
  6. Trade: Lillard for Embid WHIR

    What is the rest of your team looking like? Are you punting a category? Need more than what youre saying even though your point is valid. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737643-conley-a-gordon-for-walker-whir/
  7. Counter offer whir?

    I would definitely do that trade especially with how each of the players on your end are playing at the moment. He may get more long term value but you are getting a top 3 player in fantasy right now at a lower rate because of the injury history. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737643-conley-a-gordon-for-walker-whir/
  8. Gary Harris and montrezl for Donovan mitchell? WHIR

    I would take the deal tbh. Harrel is killing the FT% and even though Harris is talented and should be back within the next month or so I dont like the injury and mitchell is a buy low imo at this point in the season http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737643-conley-a-gordon-for-walker-whir/
  9. Accept? Whir

    Keep AD, with the inconsistency in Middleton right now the value is much higher for AD than the combination of the two.
  10. Embiid/Batum for J. Collins/A. Gordon

    Personally, I would stick with the Embiid side, he offers the most upside even with Collins playing well at the moment and as mentioned you could just drop batum and get a waiver add to win the trade
  11. Current team in a punt FG%, TO, and BLKs in an 8 team league PG: Westbrook, Lillard, Conley SG: Harden, Josh Richardson SF: Middleton, Ingles, TJ Warren PF: A Gordon, Millsap, Ibaka C: KAT, Capela, Adebayo Given the current punt strategy I was considering selling Conley and Gordon only for the fact of Conley's re-occurring injuries. Am I giving too much or what is the opinion on the trade?
  12. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    Would I be asking for too much if I sent Jokic and Beal for Westbrook and Capela? Not sure who I could go for
  13. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    Right now I am punting FG%, TO, and BLKs because of having westbrook and harden on my team. I did trade Embiid, Eric Bledsoe, and Turner for KAT and Lillard to solidify those punt categories. Right now the roster is Westbrook, Lillard, Conley Josh Richardson, Harden Middleton, Ingles, Hernangomez Aaron Gorden, Ibaka (Millsap on IR) Capela, KAT, Adebayo (as a Whiteside handcuff)
  14. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    I was just offered Jrue Holiday and J Allen for Mike Conley and capela, would this be a trade you would consider given what you just mentioned in Capela Ft%?
  15. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    I really appreciate your advice. When you say go top heavy are you referring to stat stuffers in the center position? What do you advice when punting a category, like in my circumstance, what would your strategy be? I want to know how to punt so I dont have to come on forums to ask for advice 24/7 and get better at fantasy myself lol