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  1. In ESPN... just making sure! I've set my team up for max games in playoffs. Games started limit is 42 per match. Full line up is 8. I'm at 34 now with full line tonight to put me at 42 going in to tomorrow. As long as I'm at 41 going in to tomorrow I can go over tomorrow as many as I have playing correct? Just making sure! Thanks
  2. Good for KAT! Wow. Amazing if theres nothing to slow him down. Minny just might make playoffs the way he's been playing. Truly amazing this kid is!
  3. I was considering trading Baez for Judge but now he wants Baez and a player and I like Baez more as is so that's not a good deal for me
  4. Rizzo/Myers and that's after factoring in the age lol
  5. Buehler Buehler Buehler and then Buehler
  6. Which one in dynasty cat league? I'm loaded at OF already and really only question mark if I move Baez is Villar becomes my starting 2B if Moancada loses 2B which is not terrible. I know Baez will regress some but worried about Judge wrist/shoulder and high k's.
  7. Thanks. Who would you pick up from the 3 above? I like Navarez but Barnes got hot late season.
  8. 12 team 10x10 cat league; 10 man MiLB roster Is Perez now a drop with UCL tear and with rest of his career looking bleak at beast? I have Keibert Ruiz on my minors squad and like him a lot. I cant stash Salvy on DL until season starts but is he even worth a stash now. FA C's I feel good about this year are Austin Barnes, Omar Navarez and Chance Sisco who has been looking real good albeit it's ST. Do I roll to opening day with Salvy then stash on DL and hope a decent C is still available or call it a day and drop right now for one of the three available? If I drop who is the grab? I would rank as this... Navarez.... no competition Barnes.... competition is aging Martin Cisco.... horrible rookie year, no competition and looks good in ST Thanks in advance! WHIR
  9. Does Josh James injury quicken his call up or still late summer or next year?
  10. I'm very curious about him too. Reports have him adding 25 lbs off season with every intent of stretching out to SP. Should help his durability and stamina. Guys stuff is filthy!