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  1. What a disappointing thread. Was hoping to hear all Towns and how amazing he is
  2. I like your analysis and you raise valid points. I would like to go on the other end of the spectrum. We could also make a valid argument that those insane post ASB numbers were victim of extensiating circumstances both where the team and KAT as well as coaching adjusted and it all benefits KAT. So I'm just as inclined to believe those post ASB numbers will be more the norm for him as the focal point no matter what will be him carrying this team as the unquestioned leader. Period. This year after seeing those spikes and no Jimmy or coaching shenanigans KAT is hands down my top guy in dynasty cat leagues over EVERYONE
  3. If you choose any of those RBs over Bell that would be your second mistake. First was even comparing them to Bells level what he can do
  4. I'm going for it. He is on a great team and that's half the battle. I've been burnt by Keller 4 out of 6 times this year after stashing for a year. Pittsburgh offense is enemic at best. Look at all their pitchers this year, especially T William...a top SP last year. Imo you can't blame Valdez entirely, teams get hot and Pittsburgh is not hot but they put up runs that day. I'm starting Valdez with confidence. Kid has nice punch out capability. Oh yeah not to mention what the Marlins did to Nola, I think it was, a couple weeks ago so if the Marlins can hit him like that then who can't cuz they are a pitiful offense. Valdez is no Nola but I think he makes the most to end season on a good note for next year's rotation spot
  5. I'm thinking of adding Stephenson too. I know at one time he was a nice spec and seems to be doing very well
  6. I think you shout take Moncada for Musgrove.
  7. I like both players a lot but I love Baez and like bugkilla, I'm also very high on multi-position eligible guys. That team you need more to pry Baez off imo.
  8. Position is not important looking for value and not sure on this one. Trade my Soto and a player like Marte, Dahl, Reyes or Margot for Judge and Beni? Owner mentioned Soto in Judge/Beni deal but said he would need a 2nd body. I'm torn I love Soto as a 20 y/o power hitter batting clean up. I also have Eloy. He is also interested in Buehler and Flaherty. Should I try get Beni with Buehler? Or take Judge deal?
  9. I think getting Lindor back helps JoRam get locked in. He will start seeing more FB and mistake pitches with runners on. Not worried in the least about my centerpiece!
  10. Good young pitcher bit I'm not sold. Not touching him at current ADP as I don't think he breaks top 20 SP. Way to inconsistent and not a good enough arsenal to really dig in. I trade in my dynasty leagues almost for name value alone, not stats.
  11. Lourdes is gonna get all the oppurtunity he can handle this year and he is not going to disappointment. High on him in all my leagues and is very cheap. Buy, buy and buy for me with no hesitation.
  12. I wish I was in a league with these guys toting love for Lester. I wanted no part of him last 2 years and this year even more so. A couple decent games with extremely low k's and potential to give up 5-7 runs every time he gets the ball. Give me guys like Strahm, Montas, Josh James, Lucchesi, Peralta any day of the week!