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  1. which one would u take as a season asset? valanciuna, zach randolph or john collins? valanciunas can keep up like last 2 matches or is it just a firework?
  2. valanciunas or ibaka ? i dropped valas a week ago and got ibaka who was on waiver. ibaka seems to rolls right now although i am not in a need of blocks and 3s. i want a little up in rebounding in fg but is it too much to drop ibaka for valas ? valas had a good game yesterday and played more minutes propably bcs noguira is out too but i dont know if he can continue in double double figures(points + rebs) thoughts? i need to move fast.
  3. thinking of dropping ibakaa in one league for him and valanciunas in another league but seems to be a little risky...