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  1. He/she means there are 4 more pages to get an answer for your first question: "What ya'll think of this guy?"
  2. I just saw it. I'm just saying BroLo offers a unique combination that has no precedent, and you can't find a replacement by playing the wire. Value-wise, he's fair. Whether he may help your build or not is a different question.
  3. "I could easily get stats similar to Lopez' by playing the wires." BroLo is heading to be the ONLY player in NBA history to average 2 threes and 2 blocks a game in a season. I'm not an owner, but I can't stop myself when I see such ridiculous statements lolz.
  4. I don’t think so. Rockets love small ball. But he’ll provide value till Capela is back I think.
  5. So what? White's been balling for weeks now. Will you drop him cuz of a one bad game? lol
  6. Just underwent surgery. Expected to be back after ASB. Thoughts?
  7. So the guy plays really well and almost gets a double double, even wins the game for Wiz. And he only plays 15 mins. What's this coach on?
  8. I guess we'll just have to accept this dude as he is. He'll likely hover around no.50 for the rest of the season unless the stocks magically come back. Good enough! Maybe next year he'll put it all together and sneak into the top-30.
  9. Trolling. Nobody gives Turner away for Dragic, unless you're his mother or Pat Riley.
  10. Jesus, one of the most elaborate answers I've seen out here. Thank you for putting the effort in and the quick answer. You're right about the PO schedule as well, gonna have to think about this. My team has KAT, Miro, JJJ, Collins, Dedmon, RoCo (all 9 games), so improving PO schedule is a priority as well.
  11. Hi all, I was just offered Klay for my Collins. What do you think? I could use some triples and Klay is playing better of late. But have a hard time parting ways with Collins, who can easily trend even more up if he starts getting some stocks. DMC is coming back to take some usage away from Klay. Thanks!
  12. You gotta thank me, guys. I think he read my comment at the end of that quarter and decided to prove me wrong