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  1. Picked Terry up off of waivers before week one, the snap count would be the deciding factor between Brown and Mclaurin IMO. Also game script , the skins should be chucking it all year. Terry 93% 62 snaps Brown 18% 14 snaps mclaurin has wheels too, Keenum missed him on another bomb later in the game, we would be talking about 6/185+/2 for him if he connects
  2. Solid outing considering how bad the Steelers were. Someone else definitely needs to step up or it’s gonna be a long year. I watched JuJu on every play and felt he could have had another 4 or 5 catches but Ben decided to go somewhere else. I’ve got a feeling next week it’s gonna be all Juju and Conner . Besides Washington’s long catch there didn’t seem to be any other receiver interested in playing tonight
  3. Preseason stats Chubb 1-12 rushing 1-14 rec Hunt 7-17 rushing 1-3 rec Obviously its preseason and there’s not a lot of stats to go by. I feel like Hunt has been underwhelming to say the least. The one series Chubb played this preseason he looked incredible. Chubb had more total yards in one series than Hunt had in essentially a half of football. And that was the starting Oline and qb for the first half last night Like I said not a big sample but let’s say Hunt comes back in week 10 with Chubb playing great and Hunt plays like he’s played the last 2 preseason games, he will be change of pace back at best.
  4. I believe he’s trying to figure out why not AK41 instead of 47. The 47 really has no point of being there other than having a gun for a nickname.
  5. The NFL can be an uneven playing field as well. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare the KC offense to the Cleveland offense. Coaching, scheme, O-line, supporting cast etc, are all factors and when comparing the two players situations its like comparing apples to oranges. I’d be curious to see how both players would have done on opposite teams.
  6. If Chubb is tearing it up and Hillard fills the shoes of duke johnsonin the first 6 weeks, I think there’s an outside chance hunt could be traded before the deadline to a rb needy team. Pretty far fetched ,but wouldn’t surprise me if that was the browns thought process when they signed Hunt. Especially how active they’ve been in the trade market. If Chubb stumbles and hillard doesn’t preform well, then they will have Hunt on the cheap. I believe Hunt is a great talent but let’s not forget what system he was in last year, journeyman D Williams looks like a superstar in that system.
  7. Link? I can’t find anything on this
  8. I’m on this train as well. Barring health and any major move at wr by the Niners and I could see him sneak into the top twenty in ppr. Injuries derailed the first half of the season and then he spent the next 1/4 of the year trying to fit into a mess of an offense. I believe the niners went into their week 11 bye with the mindset of getting Pettis involved. I feel like weeks 12-15(week 16 he got hurt and week 17 he didn’t play)are the games we will see out of Pettis next year, especially since Jimmy G not Mullins will be the qb. Weeks 12-15 he avg 6.5 targets , 4.3 catches 84.5 yds 1td Ove 16 games that’s 104 targets , 68 catches , 1352 yds , 16 tds now I realize you can’t use 4 games to project a season but I think this is the type of usage is what we can expect for 2019. i think we could see 100 targets 70 catches, 1100 ,8 td
  9. We will agree to disagree. I respect your opinion
  10. I realize the landscape will be different this year in Pit with no Brown but juju went 111/1426/7 last year while Brown had 104/1297/15. There’s no reason to think he can’t repeat the yds and rec with some more Tds. I do agree, realistically those would be on the high side. D Adams stats come to mind when I think of juju for next year
  11. He’s more of a deep threat, I could see them signing a GTate or Humphries and leading the team before him
  12. 100+ rec, 1400yds and 12 tds, is realistic next year. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck barring health, I’d say his floor is 95/1200/9 , not top tier but that’s a pretty solid floor
  13. You don’t see him getting 5 more or so? Or you don’t see him as a tier 1 wr with 5 more Tds?
  14. I agree, hopefully juju is up for the challenge. I think he will be
  15. The Tds will be the biggest difference, I’d be shock if he’s not hitting double digits. So same yards and receptions and add another possible 5 tds that should catapult him into tier 1.