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  1. It's close but I think Gary Harris is better than Tyler, Kyrie and Tatum are guns but still lean towards butler
  2. Id say keep willie for now and monitor chriss
  3. Not sure if I should do this as George is starting to play well. thoughts?
  4. Yeah definitely keep Davis, wait and see what happens with dinwiddie, but I agree with above posts, Davis is as good as IT and Schroeder combined
  5. Yeah I'd stay put also, Chriss has been very inconsistent. Monitor Chriss and dinwiddie for a while. If Trey Lyles is available in your league, he's been playing well with millsap out
  6. Yeah I'd do this, DLo will be good when he returns, definitely in more categories than Wiggins
  7. Yeah I like middleton side, Tatum has been getting solid minutes and has been heavily involved in celtic offense. I rate him above DSJ
  8. Yeah if there is collusion then definitely! Even if there isn't I think it's still veto worthy purely because KAT is a beast
  9. Yeah keep Durant, he contributes in a number of cats