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  1. In the Semi's, Today i was able to place Dennis Smith Jr. on INJ slot but I also will have Embid out (just Tuesday) Who's the better add? Caruso Giles Mudiay VanVleet Satoransky Noah Marjanovic Hayward Danny Green Standard 9 CAT league
  2. Picked him up too, seems to put up decent stats while playing 25+ mins
  3. Drop Tyler Johnson for: Brunson T.Jones Dotson Wade J.Brown Monte Morris 9 Cat league
  4. Don't think you are understanding the point here, AD wants to be traded meaning he doesn't want to play for the Pelicans anymore hence why the Pelicans don't want to play him, nothing about a "tanking" here.
  5. Who should I target? Jeff Teague, Brogdon, Fox, Gary Harris, Bledsoe, Collison, Richardson, etc? My Team: PG - Harden, Dunn, DSJ SG - Beal, Lamb SF - Tatum C & PF - Embid, Turner, Harrell, Portis, JJJ, Kanter, Randle 12 team league - 9 CATS