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  1. Do i do this trade?

    Yeah, close but I would take it.
  2. Rudy Gobert 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Beasting, that is what I am expecting from a second round pick. Now please go practice your FT, its not that hard man!
  3. Yeah be careful. On surface it looked great, but given IT injury history and on a new team I don’t think he will get close to his MVPish performance. I actually think LaVine will be close to IT ROS. Collins is the biggest factor here. If he gets unleashed, as we cannot think of any reason why that won’t happen, he will be way better than Ibaka - the only thing Ibaka can do better than Collins is 3. I just won’t want to pass up a efficient big man at a perfect situation to perform for the rest of the season. Also given this is a dynasty league, I would keep LaVine and Collins!
  4. BIG TRADE! Help! WHIR! Seriously!!

    The concern is on AD’s health, but I will still do it, AD and Harris!
  5. #3 waiver on Milos Teodosic? WHIR

    Dooooooooo it! Why is he on the wire?
  6. Too much for Biyombo? WHIR

    This is the best sell low / buy high trade I have seen this year! You basically selling Covington at all time low value and buying Biyombo at all time high value.
  7. My - Klay + Collison for Kemba + Tatum

    Yeah do it Klay is way overrated, especially in cat league.
  8. Marquese Chriss or John Collins ROS?

    Tough one, I will go Collins as they simply has to unleash him. Phoenix situation is just a little more complicated!
  9. Kanter for Nurk??

    No don’t don’t do it. NY will release Willy in the 2nd half Nurk will also be playing better!
  10. Rudy Gobert 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Oh yeah! Been tolding all that time.
  11. yrdong@yahoo.com Wiggy Sil Antonio
  12. Did I ruin my team?

    Nah you are alright! Surely Lauri is hard to part but Kanter will not have the same value ROS, THJ will get better and with Vuc eventually getting back you are set!