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  1. You punting FT as well? As Simmons will put a dent into your FT%. I personally think you give up a little too much - I like JJJ’s potential but if this is the build you are looking for then do it.
  2. Playing 9 Cat H2H, 1IR spot, where I had Conley, Gobert, John Collins, Booker, Jokic, Isaiah Thomas among others so I basically played with a -3 people squad since week 3 and at one stage in Nov, half of my team is either out or DTD. Remarkably I am still just a few games outside of the last play off spot! Managed to either lost small or tie in most of the weeks - only got blown out once by 8-1. Have to thank Fantasy god as I had so many small wins, like winning by 0.06% or by like 1 block. Really really lucky! Now with most of the people back - still waiting for Gorbert and praying for Conley, second half is looking good for me.