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  1. Trade ?!?!

    You can offer it but I doubt you will get Jokic with Drummond by a long long mile....
  2. Drop Chriss for anybody?

    Just sit tight! Chriss has more upside then all of these COMBINED! Also depending your spot in the league. I have Chriss in one of my league and I made it to playoff so I will hold onto him until then.
  3. Do I have a drop for Rondo? WHIR

    Markieff or Lance
  4. If it’s standard league then it’s a no brainer. DD league make things a bit closer but I would still take it. I think the other guy is trying to “buy high” on PG13.
  5. Draymond,Tatum Trade...WHIR

    I will stay put on Conley!
  6. I am interested if its still available.
  7. Monster Trade... Should i do this? WHIR

    Yeah, stay with AD and Kyrie.
  8. Yeah agree, Dinwiddie will kill your %s, do it!
  9. Give Up D Booker for Whitside? WHIR

    Do it, especially if you league count TOs, Booker's TOs is killing me now......
  10. Big trade. WHIR as always!!!

    Yeah, definitely do Klove for Lillard
  11. Joe Ingles 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Same here, glad I gave him one more chance. And he is going to help me win stl this week!
  12. Do i do this trade?

    Yeah, close but I would take it.