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  1. Keep an eye on this kid, as the Pacers are trying to move Collison and Joseph by the trade deadline.
  2. So what’s his ROS value once he’s up to speed and fully healthy??
  3. He was moving around like the old Hayward sit back and enjoy the ride fellas
  4. Salty af!! LOL don’t tell me he took your cheeks in your matchup
  5. Ya’ll think they’ll bench this dude later on since they might be tanking..?
  6. I follow the stud on IG and he posted on his story “Gameday” so hopefully he is playing lol
  7. if he could avg 5 ast that would be the icing on the cake
  8. just a bruise, i don’t think he’ll miss time
  9. Dropped Jackson for him.. let’s see how this pans out