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  1. This is the KAT i drafted!!!
  2. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    if he could avg 5 ast that would be the icing on the cake
  3. please jojo more comments like these.. feed the motivation to KAT >:)
  4. what other players could replace his production??
  5. just a bruise, i don’t think he’ll miss time
  6. Who should i trade draymond for? Not trying to get hit with the random rest days..
  7. Is it bad that i’m counting down the days til he gets injured again :/
  8. i agree with the whole wiggins situation.. dude is jacking up shots like no tomorrow. but i put more of the blame on thibs and how he’s not utilizing guys correctly.. Towns must always be the first option as he’s proven to be a monster on the offensive end and as for the defensive end he has much room for improvement. Hell, I’d be okay with Towns being the second option.. I just think it’s embarrassing how a role player like Wiggins is being pushed to be something he’s not
  9. i’m trying to find footage of his limping.. got me worried now
  10. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    i jumped ship and traded him and Hood for Dragic and J Green
  11. Ben Simmons 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    got him and WCS in a trade for Rubio and Turner and haven’t looked back :-)
  13. Glad I traded Rubio when the time was good lol
  14. Jahlil Okafor 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Dropped Jackson for him.. let’s see how this pans out
  15. How’s Brodie and Melo on the floor without PG? Haven’t really looked into watching their games lately