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  1. Bit uncalled for when no one saw his playing time go to 5 mins. He was still producing on a minute basis and when that post was made, Whiteside still had value.
  2. He will rest next week in the B2B.. dont think he will sit on Sunday.
  3. So the guy is a known racist, and he tells WB to get on his knees like you used to isn't considered racist? Clear as a day to me that it is racist. Why would he say the words, ''like you are used to'', when it would be sucking a d!ck? Could of not said those words and then you might of been correct.
  4. Still holding. Just came back from a long stretch where he didn't play. Just hoping it's just rust.
  5. Same. Lucky I have a bye this week before the playoffs. Fingers crossed.
  6. Lonzo has already been ruled out for the rest of the season
  7. Did anyone watch the game yesterday? Why did he only play 25 mins?
  8. We get it.. you traded Bledsoe for Doncic. Stop posting the same $hit.