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  1. In dynasty leagues he is a late second round - early third for me.
  2. Im also looking at punting assists and its a 9 cat H2H league.
  3. Pretty high on this guys dynasty outlook. What are your thoughts on this season? He should be playing the backup guard minute since Turner is gone.
  4. What do you guys think of his dynasty value? Will his game be sustainable once he hits around 32/33?
  5. Hi guys, I have been offered Bryant + 12th round pick for Buddy Hield and 13th round pick. I know Hield is a better player but the reason why I am even contemplating about this trade is due to the age factor. The rest of my players are 24 and under - KAT, Dejounte, Isaac, Collins, JJJ, Aaron Gordon, Sexton, Brown (still drafting currently but concentrating on rookies at the moment) Thoughts?
  6. Currently in the middle of a draft and its pretty thin on guards who are punt assists. So just getting another opinion.
  7. I know KAT is a punt assists type of player but can a punt blocks strategy work with KAT at the number one pick?
  8. Anyone want to start one up?
  9. It's because the ESPN rankings are a joke and have them around the 130 mark.
  10. I am talking about points leagues and not 9 cat and roto. The previous year when he was in Charlotte, he was averaging 16 and 12 which are really good numbers in a points league, which is why he was taken in early rounds last year. This is probably the first year at the start of a season where he will not be fantasy relevant across all fantasy formats.
  11. Depends what format. Points leagues he was drafted around the 4th-5th round in points leagues last season.
  12. They reopened it. Probably had to do maintenance or something.
  13. It was a great mock. I had to leave about 3/4 in unfortunately but would definitely be keen to do another one in the future. Thanks again Kaboom for organizing it !