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  1. To say Boston is not on his wishlist is simply a low-end strategy to push NO to deal with LA immediately.
  2. Even if he plays, he won't be effective any more. To me, his trade value is almost zero at this point. Will be a FA in many leagues soon.
  3. People know he is not going the play starter minutes in any contending team. So Portland is not a bad outcome here as Nurkic plays only like 28 mins, 20 minutes at C is guaranteed. Is that enough for normal fantasy team is the question.
  4. The young Lakers' fates are written on the wall, just like Russell, Lance and Randle.
  5. I will, but just at situations to make him embarrassed.
  6. Mem starts the season as a guard redundant team to now guard depleted. They now have Conley, Wright, J Carter, Holiday as Gs. Conley is a shutdown candidate, Holiday doesn't seem to be in their plan. I think Wright should get some serious run down the stretch.
  7. Take Faried, who is also a double-double machine, as an comparison. Faried was a major piece in Team USA which won FIBA World Cup 2014.
  8. Melo is poison and I sincerely hope they actually do it.
  9. Charlotte just misses out Gasol and they badly need a scorer. But his track record is so bad that he has quarrel with every team he stays, Utah, OKC and NYK.
  10. I think they want another sharp shooter like Ellington. Maybe Cleveland buys out JR Smith and then reunites with LBJ.
  11. Randle is a pure dump. Dlo is almost a pure dump also since he was traded for B. Lopez who eventually walked away after a wasted season in LA.
  12. Magic finally admit their initial strategy of not recruiting shooters is wrong. But to dump a young C for a not so good stretch 4, isn't it too desperate?
  13. Parker is only acted as a salary filler in this trade. He will be cut after this season.
  14. Tobias doesn't need the ball as much as Butler and therefore is a better fit in PHI. Frankly Butler better play the 6th man role in this roster but I'd rather they keep Covington and Saric in the first place.
  15. Those rumors definitely hurt them. This Lakers is doomed if they don't get the AD deal done because among bigger names free agents like KD, Kyrie, Kawhi, Butler, none of them seems to be interested in joining LA. One exception maybe Boogie Cousins.
  16. He should have joined NO in the first place. LBJ+AD+Jrue is quite competent. BTW, if the Pelicans make this trade, they will be this Lakers team minus LBJ.
  17. I think most likely we will see AD move to the east this off-season or next season. The Lakers simply can't make an attractive enough package for AD. Why would the Pelicans want to be the former Lakers team? Unless LBJ can control the Pelicans' management, I just don't see it happens.
  18. Like Kawhi being trade to Toronto, the Pelicans has no obligation to grant his wish.
  19. Developing Robinson is fine but starting Lance Thomas has nothing to do with it. Pure lie only.
  20. Seems like DNP after some arguments or trade request. May have seen his last game in NY