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  1. I can't believe my eye but he shouldn't play again before serious medical examination. That's an obvious knee twist.
  2. I think GSW has at least 60% in game 6 and 50% in game 7, so at least 30% chance. More optimistic: 65% in game 6 and 55% in game 7 which gives them a 36% chance.
  3. That 11 pts certainly help them. On the contrary, if the warriors didn't make the 20-0 run in game 2, it's already 0:4.
  4. From KD's expression, this injury looks more serious than the previous one. Let's pray this is not a full rupture.
  5. There should be a lot of pressure around him. At least they won this game.
  6. Yes, Ibaka played exceptionally well. Kawhi is the best player in this series and the most scary part is he is not even 100%.
  7. They don't rely on their bigs, they mostly play small ball. Gasol is the only big in recent years effective enough to keep the Warriors play Big. Let's be honestly, the Raptors beat them at both ends and is the better team. The Warriors' defense slides badly this year. Iggy and Livingston both lost their shots and GSW can't even score enough to keep afloat. Although KT shoots well tonight, his defense is not there (try not to re-aggravate the injury) and it's hard to be optimistic after this 42-min game. They need miracle in Game 5 on the road. KD I think he has a slightly torn achilles and won't be back.
  8. The Raptors can safely hack Looney.
  9. Looney has to play through a fractured shoulder means they sense the crisis.
  10. He has the highest fantasy potential in this draft class.
  11. He is my most disappointing player this season due to his even fewer minutes in the second half. But I might still gamble on him next season.
  12. Why are there so many such injuries in recent years? I'ven't heard it in the past.
  13. young players who underperformed this year
  14. 20 minutes every 2 games, superman can't make any impact.
  15. To say Boston is not on his wishlist is simply a low-end strategy to push NO to deal with LA immediately.
  16. Even if he plays, he won't be effective any more. To me, his trade value is almost zero at this point. Will be a FA in many leagues soon.
  17. People know he is not going the play starter minutes in any contending team. So Portland is not a bad outcome here as Nurkic plays only like 28 mins, 20 minutes at C is guaranteed. Is that enough for normal fantasy team is the question.
  18. The young Lakers' fates are written on the wall, just like Russell, Lance and Randle.
  19. I will, but just at situations to make him embarrassed.