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  1. 58 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:


    It’s terrible to see KD go down like that. Looney I don’t think is a huge loss except that it reduces their depth.  I’d still put the warriors chance of winning the series under 25% but that’s a lot more than no chance.  Anyway the main reason why I was rooting for them is my money playoff roto league and I already surpassed the second place guy today with Klay’s final three.  So actually I don’t care anymore, just want to see a good series...

    I think GSW has at least 60% in game 6 and 50% in game 7, so at least 30% chance. More optimistic: 65% in game 6 and 55% in game 7 which gives them a 36% chance.

  2. 45 minutes ago, DJSatane said:

    KD hit 11 points in what 12 minutes? Even though he got reinjured afterwards, it did help warriors to end up winning this game in the end. Imagine if KD was healthy entire series, warriors would be champions by now. At this point though, Raptors will win, they should have won at end of this game, not sure why they went for such crazy 3 pointer when they only needed a 2 at end.... it was really reckless.

    That 11 pts certainly help them.

    On the contrary, if the warriors didn't make the 20-0 run in game 2, it's already 0:4.

  3. 2 minutes ago, RedRaider27 said:

    And just absolutely awful news on KD. An Achilles tear wasn't confirmed, but the way Myers was talking, and what we know about the situation, sure doesn't sound good. Awful, awful to hear.

    From KD's expression, this injury looks more serious than the previous one. Let's pray this is not a full rupture.

  4. 2 hours ago, Jake the snake said:


    1. You're forgetting Ibaka. I believe that was one of my keys to the series too. Serge playing like this and the raps can take it with and without KD. He opens up so many options on both ends and creates so much more space for driving lanes. 

    2. Blame the warriors D if you like, but it hasn't been that bad. Raptors just have a lot of fire power even outside of kawhi. I don't think the warriors have respected that properly the whole series. 

    3. Raptors just flipped the roles. They looked like the champion team closing out a weaker opponent in crunch time. Kawhi just looked like the best player in the planet saying "we are winning this game and you are losing" in the second half in a hostile environment, a la MJ and even KD of past seasons. Why... Because he is!! Try and disrespect that MSM...!!

    4. GSW Fans booing lowry before the game in support of their owner...!? Classless... Something I'd expect of hear fans (just for you @Trench Mob

    Yes, Ibaka played exceptionally well. Kawhi is the best player in this series and the most scary part is he is not even 100%.

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  5. 1 hour ago, StifleTower2 said:

    The Warriors committed like 10 turnovers in the first quarter of which 4-5 were from their bigs...that's insane.  Not to mention their missed free throws.  Their bigs suck so bad and they're so beaten up. 

    They don't rely on their bigs, they mostly play small ball. Gasol is the only big in recent years effective enough to keep the Warriors play Big.

    Let's be honestly, the Raptors beat them at both ends and is the better team. The Warriors' defense slides badly this year. Iggy and Livingston both lost their shots and GSW can't even score enough to keep afloat.

    Although KT shoots well tonight, his defense is not there (try not to re-aggravate the injury) and it's hard to be optimistic after this 42-min game. They need miracle in Game 5 on the road. KD I think he has a slightly torn achilles and won't be back.