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  1. Usually I don't speculate but this one I think either Phi or Cle.


    If he doesn't intent to pursue more rings, then stay in Cle and hope for some miraculous trades.


    Otherwise, Houston is the closest to the Champ. But financially they may not be able to keep the core pieces after signing/trading LBJ. And it's kind of ugly to join the MVP.


    Go to LAL doesn't make much sense. Since Phi obviously gives him a better chance to enter the Final again than LA. Phi have the cap space and the young core that he can gradually move to the back seat. Although I don't think he is a good fit in Phi but it must be fun to play with the Process and fun to watch to us fans.

  2. Longer playoffs can only ease statistical fluctuations, not real or fake injuries.


    My method is to allow teams with a few exceptions to replace their injured player with any players currently ranked (per game) below (or a few spots lower) that player. Under this method, two or more teams may own the same player, i.e. players can be duplicated. Some limitations can be set:

    1. Only 2 or 3 exceptions are allowed per team Or only top 2 or 3 picks are allowed to use this exception

    2. Only season-ending players can be replaced in regular season

    3. Dropped player cannot be re-picked by the same team