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  1. I think most likely we will see AD move to the east this off-season or next season. The Lakers simply can't make an attractive enough package for AD. Why would the Pelicans want to be the former Lakers team? Unless LBJ can control the Pelicans' management, I just don't see it happens.
  2. Like Kawhi being trade to Toronto, the Pelicans has no obligation to grant his wish.
  3. Developing Robinson is fine but starting Lance Thomas has nothing to do with it. Pure lie only.
  4. Seems like DNP after some arguments or trade request. May have seen his last game in NY
  5. Final Window Showcasing. Hope he got traded, otherwise doomed for the second half.
  6. This guy is droppable or at least try to trade away. FT% cancels BLK, plus a dud every other game.
  7. You're correct. He still has one year contract left. I always thought this is his last year besides his player option.
  8. Of course there is always hope but all signs are AD will walk away this off season. NO won't sit there and be the next Cleveland.
  9. Another 1-2 losing weeks might force NO to consider a hugh trade.
  10. He is always in the 7-8th round when playing high 20 minutes back in his old Denver days. Unless you expect him to play over 30 minutes, he will only be a decent fantasy addition.
  11. last 5: 48pt 10reb 8ast 5trey 2stl 1blk 45% 94%
  12. As a big with rebounds and threes, Saric plays big minutes even in the crowded Phili front court, no way he gets only 20 in Min. It is irrational to put your AK47 in the arsenal.
  13. I have been dangling this dude for about 3 weeks in my rotation and now he is still "couple weeks" away? The same tag on his forehead for several months.
  14. KAT, Saric, Dieng = 3-man rotation at PF/C Cov = SF Teague, Rose, TJ = 3-man rotation at SG/PG Wiggins = 6th man fire power
  15. Benching him this game makes it more sensible to plug TT in next game.
  16. Can't cut list man. But you can trade for him after he's been picked up.
  17. End of 3rd quarter, already a Draymond Green line.
  18. Adrian Wojnarowski: After trade with Wizards, Suns agree to part ways with G Austin Rivers, per ESPN sources. Rivers – earning $12.6M in final year of deal – becomes a free agent upon clearing waivers. As a veteran, sides concluded Rivers fits better on an older team that’s pursuing playoffs.
  19. Only Booker and maybe Warren are better than Oubre. A much better situation in PHX and definitely worth a flier if you have a dead weight. Good sources of pts, 3s, stls and some boards.