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  1. He is not a legitimate starting PG on any team. Poor defense, poor shooting, poor A/T ratio.
  2. Wizs and Suns are still working on this trade. Finding a team willing to take Oubre for someone like D. Brooks should not be too difficult.
  3. Good move for Mem. Two bench players for a young talent.
  4. So, good to both Porter and Ariza: Oubre(26 mins) + Rivers(23 mins) - Ariza(34 mins) = 15 mins left
  5. More details: Adrian Wojnarowski: As part of a three-team deal nearing completion: Ariza to the Wizards, Kelly Oubre to the Memphis Grizzlies and Austin Rivers and two Grizzlies role players to Suns, league sources tell ESPN.
  6. Twitter KCJHoop KC Johnson: Zach LaVine walked out under his own power and said he’ll “be fine” but also said he heard “something pop” when he landed on that drive at the buzzer. “I think it was just some fluid or something. I’ll be alright by Saturday. I’m walking around.”
  7. I won't surprised if they start Dellavedova at C ahead of Nance if they have to.
  8. Running up and down does not necessarily make him a good player. His block and rebound doesn't match his athleticism. He has no range or passing skill which are essential in the current NBA. You can find a dozen of such centers just sitting on the bench for other teams.
  9. I think Sac wants to dump WCS who is useless in the current NBA while Was wants to acquire another big to replace D12. This trade actually makes some sense.
  10. I have no problem dropping him in 10 man league. Thibs is very stubborn. It may takes an injury (unlikely for KAT and Gibson) or another losing streak to free Saric but I don't know when.
  11. No doubt Orlando always make questionable management decisions. They are definitely not contender, and I think their playoffs chance is less than 30%. If they will find their position skidding during mid-season, those Vuc trade calls will come again. Now Vuc, Gordon, Issac and Bamba are in a 4-men-2-positions lockjam. With Ayton, Doncic, JJJ and even Bagley getting more and more playing time, why waste time for a false playoffs hope. The best they can get is a first round exit. Don't tell me they can upset Toronto, Philadelphia or Milwaukee.
  12. I think it is quite clear they don't plan to resign him and drafted consecutive bigs accordingly.
  13. But this is completely against their own game plan. They have already invested heavily in Issac, Gordon and Bamba, resigning Vuc will definitely hit their development. And most importantly, they know they are no contender, even in the East, no matter how well Vuc plays.
  14. Any chance Orlando trades him this season? His value is all time high now.
  15. Yeah. Saric sit with the starters in garbage time but he actually playing as a reserve. Sorry for us owners.
  16. I don't think it's the best deal to Cavs. Maybe just Korver want to retire at Utah.
  17. Don't understand this trade. All Clarkson, Hood, and Burks all similar type of players.
  18. He is playing behind TT, Nwaba and Dekkar. Nobody can predict this idiocy.